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April 27 2009

Save One Show: Play the Game-Changer Round. E! has narrowed down the poll to the 5 shows with the most votes so far. Dollhouse, TSCC, and Chuck are amongst the shows you can vote to save.

Voting ends on Wed, and the results will be revealed on Friday.

Save one show, Chuck!

Oops... sorry *blush*

You're not alone. I voted for Chuck, too.
No-brainer. CHUCK all the way!
As much as I love Dollhouse (and believe me, I love the show), I have to go with Chuck on this one.

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I picked Dollhouse since I don't watch the other two shows. Though I did recently Netflix the first season of TSCC and I was thinking about going to Subway today for Chuck, but it was raining and a *very* long walk so I didn't.
Terminator. (the code was "tight", so it was perfect)

I'll still be loyal and vote Dollhouse, but if it came down to choosing one: Terminator.
I'm not sure it worked. XD

I voted Dollhouse and put in that word to say I'm no robot and did the Vote thing but I'm not sure it worked because nothing seemed to happen. lol.

I hope it went through. But if not, at least I tried. lmao.
Wow, I was expecting to come in here and have to rationalize why I chose Chuck, but a bunch of you did as well. I love Dollhouse and T:TSCC, but I'm gonna need some more Chuck.... particularly after tonight's series finale.
I'm a HUGE T:SCC and Dollhouse fan. I also like Chuck, but have only gotten around to watching it once or twice: It just doesn't quite fall into my preferred genre (serious sci-fi).

So who do I vote for? Easy: Chuck.

While I love Terminator and Dollhouse, neither of these shows have been able to consistently live up to my level of expectation for the type of show that they are. Chuck, however, in my admittedly limited experience, has had no trouble meeting or exceeding what I expect from it based on its genre.

Out of these three, Chuck most deserves to continue forward.

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I got to go with Dollhouse, I like Chuck but it doesn't make me go Wow! like Dollhouse does. Terminator would be my second choice.
I like Chuck, and I have watched every episode of it, which I cannot say about Terminator.

But, my vote absolutely goes to Dollhouse. Chuck is fun and I want to see it renewed and I went to Subway for it today and everything, but Dollhouse is the kind of smart, challenging TV that I always think there should be more of, even if it didn't live up to its potential at first.
I wish I could cast votes for Dollhouse, Life, and Terminator -- and I'd throw in one for Chuck, even though I've never seen it, because so many folks here love it. But I had to go with Dollhouse. Just re-watched "Man on the Street", and it was every bit as awesome as I remembered.
Chuck, after the season finale tonight there can be no questions as to why it should go on.
Terminator all the way for me. [}) <- That's suppose to be Cyclops (of the X-Men) smiling.
Oh, because of Joss I voted for Dollhouse. Terminator a close second then Chuck a close third. I DID get some Subway today though!! Can't wait to see the finale!
And I thought I wouldn't admit to voting for "Chuck". But I definitely did. The last two weeks, "Chuck" became the best show on television.
What makes me sad is that three of my very favorite shows are on an endangered species list. CHUCK, T:SCC, and Dollhouse. Never even watched the other two.

I had to vote for CHUCK. I'm sure Dollhouse will be renewed anyway. I just feel it.
Another vote for Chuck. Sorry Dollhouse.

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Gah! Come on. I love Terminator, but Dollhouse all the way. Chuck isn't even on the radar for me.
I don't get all the Chuck love given that this is Whedon central, but does it really matter? Both shows are in danger but they're on separate networks... and what does this poll accomplish, exactly?

Voted for Dollhouse. Joss trumps Baldwin. Sorry.
I definitely voted for Dollhouse, because my heart is totally involved... but I wish I could ALSO vote for Chuck and T:SCC (and actually I'd like to vote for Life too). I'm so sorry to see so many good shows at risk.

I did buy the stupid Subway sandwich today and mailed the receipt to both Subway and NBC, in support of Chuck.

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Yeah, I'm torn too. I voted for DOLLHOUSE, but I love CHUCK and LIFE as well. TERMINATOR wasn't a factor for me, I find it to be way too inconsistent. One week it's brilliant and then the next week I'm ready to cancel the series record on my DVR.

I'm not a huge fan of cop dramas, but LIFE isn't the standard procedural the genre is so overrun with. It has great overarching storylines, a good sense of humor, and Sarah Shahi, who may be the most beautiful woman on television (at least before she cut and straightened her hair).

CHUCK is just pure fun. And tonight's finale was great.
okay. So, I've never really seen any TSCC episodes except for some here and there. I've only seen the latest Jordana Brewster episode of Chuck. So I totally voted Dollhouse all the way :)
I think Chuck is one of the most consistently entertaining hours of television currently on, but I gotta go for Dollhouse. It's been uneven at times, but rich with promise. Chuck is lovely but not dead-necessary must-see-tv for me, I'm sad to say, much less going to Subway.
I do not care for any of the shows on that list with the exception of Dollhouse. So my vote is for the Joss. Chuck just doesn't seem to gel with my kind of humour.
Vote Dollhouse or we will have nothing to talk about at Whedonesque next year. I mean really hasn't it been great debating about a new Joss show? Hasn't it been fun? Haven't we bonded?
I've enjoyed watching both Chuck and Terminator, but if neither of them came back I'd be disappointed but I could live with it.

Dollhouse, on the other hand, HAS to be renewed!

Chuck is a fun, consistent show but it feels very shallow and has mainly flat characters. Terminator has more depth but the quality of the episodes varies.
Dollhouse feels to me to be as complex as Joss's other shows, with very interesting characters and lots of backstory to get through. It feels more... real... to me than most shows on television.

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I really don't understand all the love for "Chuck", i watched the pilot and it was mind blowingly dumb and hollow. it's the television equivolent of eating nothing but McDonalds food for a month.
I watch Chuck and it's certainly entertaining, but I think ultimately Dollhouse provides a deeper, more fulfilling experience - despite its rocky start. I can see Chuck jumping the shark quite easily, whereas Dollhouse has much more potential for the long-term.

So...Dollhouse all the way!
eyeboogers, I thought Chuck was just a pleasant hour last season too, but it's blossomed in its second season. I do agree I don't find the show very deep, or feel very invested the characters, but it's fun as heck.

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I voted for Dollhouse for the future, not for past performance. I think it has the most potential.
I also voted for "Chuck".
"Dollhouse" ist great TV, but it is "Chuck" that I am really looking forward every week.
If "Dollhouse" doesn't come back (but I have a feeling, that it will anyway), I can live with that. We supposedly get an ending to the "Alpha-Arc" and after that Joss can go on to the next project - hopefully with a decent station.
"Chuck" really has come a long way from fluffy and funny to constantly suprising and sometimes heartbreaking.
Still fluffy and funny though! It is easyly the best thing on TV for me right now and I will be sooo bummed, if it isn't on next season.
For me it is a tough choice between Dollhouse and Chuck. These are my two favorite shows! But I think Dollhouse has become a really great story with potential to be even more fascinating next year. Plus after waiting so long for a new Whedon show, I might die if it doesn't get renewed. So I voted Dollhouse, but I will be super pissed if both shows don't get renewed.
Simon I think you and I bonded... even though you didn't post in my very first thread... I am a sad panda
I voted for Dollhouse, but it wasn't an easy choice: Terminator and Life are two of my favorites show right now and I still have hope for them both (yes, I'm a dreamer)

And now I'm also interested in Chuck...sigh :/
I think it has to be Chuck for me as well. I'm not believing for a second that TSCC has the remotest chance of renewal so I wouldn't waste my vote there. Life had me hooked from the start but I've lost interest towards the end of the current season so although I'd like it back I won't be too bothered if it doesn't happen. Same goes for Dollhouse. I like it but I don't love it as much as I wanted to. Although I'd be happy to give a season two the chance to change my mind.

Chuck, however, already is unmissable television for me and, from what I've been told about how this season ends, I'm definitely going to want more. NBC needs to renew Chuck. Surely if it can give the benefit of the doubt to Heroes, a show that has died more often than most of it's characters and that really didn't deserve a fourth season, then Chuck should get a third.
Chuck, not even close.

Joss can and has done better, and will in another venue at another time.
See, I'd like to vote Dollhouse, but somehow the site isn't working for me right now. Suspect tampering by Chuck-fans :-p. Will try again later ;).
Dollhouse is the only show on the list that (to me) hasn't gotten a fair shot.

Plus, more Eliza trumps more Summer or Adam.
Ugly Betty provides my happy fluffy light tv, leaving Dollhouse as its counterpart.

So obviously I voted Dollhouse. It looks like theres already masses of people voting for Chuck and Dollhouse hasn't had a fair chance to gain viewers since being stuck in the most retarded slot one could put a new show in.
Oh and does anybody else get the slightest vibe that the same person is spamming Terminator comments, what with 97% of comments being 'ZOMG TSCCC!!!11!1'?
Three of my fav shows are on that list. Life, Chuck and Dollhouse.

All IMO,

I didn't vote for Life because I don't think it would make a difference if they won this poll or not. It is gone and that makes me sad.

I didn't vote for Chuck because I believe that all of the fan efforts will pay off. The amount of press that NBC and Subway have gotten are making a difference. I also believe that Chuck has more fans, possibly because it is on a better night.

I voted for Dollhouse, not because of my perverse loyalty to Joss, but because I think it would benefit most from winning this. This may help tip the network brass in our favor. We don't have the fan press that Chuck has so this would be a nice feather in our proverbial cap.

I think that this is the longest post I have ever written on here...
Do we get to vote once a day? Because I think I got to vote a second time this morning: a second time for Dollhouse! I sincerely love Chuck and T:SCC (and really like Life); all those shows have brilliant casts and good writers, but none of them have Joss, and that makes all the difference.
It bodes ill for Dollhouse's future, I think, that there is no clear majority voting for it -- especially when the voting population at issue are posters on a Joss Whedon fansite.
Simon I think you and I bonded... even though you didn't post in my very first thread... I am a sad panda


Don't worry, Stargyn. He commented in my first post, but was to reprimand me.
Tough love is better than no love.
I can't choose favourites but I love you all equally.
Probably I would be more pleased if was Eliza holding the whip.
Had to go for Chuck too!
What is this Chuck I keep hearing about?
Eliza... whip... good times...
What the heck is Life and Privileged? Never heard of em, but obviously they can't compare to Dollhouse. Or to T:SCC (or as it should have been called, Cameron and John).
"Chuck" and "Dollhouse" are the two shows I most want to see renewed, but honestly, "Chuck" is the one I get more excited to see every week. "Chuck" is the post-"Veronica Mars" heir to "Buffy" -- an improbably balance of moving characters, relationships, exciting action, comedy. Joss said it's all about emotional resonance and rocket launchers -- nobody's getting that done on TV right now like "Chuck".

"Dollhouse" is awesome and thought-provoking, but seriously lacks in the essential fun. Aside from "Echoes", there hasn't been much "fun" to it -- even when it's been funny it's designed to make you question if you should actually be laughing at it.
I guess you and I define fun differently then, because Dollhouse is a lot of fun for me, more so than any other show on TV right now. Of course reading about the Mongols is also fun for me, so what do I know?
"What the heck is Life and Privileged? "

I have never seen Privileged but it looks like yet another show designed for teenage girls with lots of tantrums and bitching and shopping.

Life on the otherhand is an good LA cop show with a good cast which usually makes me smile a few times an episode as well, and has an arc over the series whilst the main character investigates who framed him for murder years ago. Would be a shame if that went tbh.
I just have to add that I'm kind of excited that my first post generated so many comments. Yay!!

uh...carry on.
I bow to the KingofCretins (does that make me a subject?). While Chuck has yet to fire on all cylinders like the best years of Buffy, it came awfully close last night. It also did something that until now I have only seen Whedon shows do. It delivered on a season and a half of narrative promises and left me wanting more. Dollhouse, interesteing as it is, seems a little confused at this point about what it is as a series. I watch it dutifully and hope for all involved it gets renewed, but at this point I feel like I am eating my vegatables by watching it. Chuck is a main course with which I am very happy. And, of course, Adam Baldwin! He rocked hard in the finale last night was a BDH twice over.

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Yeah, well. My first post brought about world peace.

Or something.

And I think Dollhouse can be 'fun'. Pretty much half of Tophers scenes are humorous.
Life was really something different in it's first season: a cop who was wrongly imprisoned and found Zen Buddhism in prison, his best friend played by Adam Arkin (and I adore Adam Arkin) is in love with Christina (Yosafbridge) Hendricks. I don't think the second season was as strong, but at least THIS show got a second chance. Of course both Chuck and T:SCC had their second chance too. Besides, my heart belongs to Dollhouse.
And how can you not find Dollhouse fun? It is pretty outrageous in my opinion.

edited to add: can we avoid 'Chuck' spoilers? I haven't had a chance to watch it yet!

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It probably just makes you a cretin, to be honest :)

You summed it up -- "Chuck" managed to be a perfect episode to answer almost every question from two seasons of TV for 50 minutes and then still create enough sustainable story to last indefinitely afterward. If the show is cancelled, I'd be really, really disappointed. I'm actually hoping that NBC would do the "Law & Order: Criminal Intent" thing and move it to USA rather than cancel it. It would be a natural pairing with "Psych", "Burn Notice", or "In Plain Sight". But it belongs on Mondays with "Heroes".
What the heck is Life and Privileged? Never heard of em, but obviously they can't compare to Dollhouse.

Can't speak for Privileged, having never seen it, but Life could absolutely compare to Dollhouse. Very different shows but in terms of acting and writing quality they are quite evenly matched. Be a shame to lose either one of those top series, especially when Heroes is coming back for a fourth season. A Chuck/Life Monday night double would rock, NBC! Lose Heroes! You know it makes sense!

Hmmm, my second rant at Heroes being renewed in this thread alone. Bitter, much?
Life has Sarah Shahi. She's the 1a to Eliza's 1 to me.
(IMO) I voted for Dollhouse but it was close between Dollhouse and Chuck.
One on hand, Chuck is the most whedonesque show on TV(besides Dollhouse). It has strong female characters, witty writing, and a mixture of genres.

Dollhouse, is the other whedonesque show, because it is by Joss Whedon of course. That said, it did have a rocky start due to network interference, and now has few viewers, due to a bad timeslot.

Chuck is getting alot of advertising and press right now because of the Subway idea. I don't doubt NBC has noticed.

Dollhouse was never given a fair chance, and has no big press right now.

So, my vote goes to Dollhouse, because I believe Chuck will definitely return. (Sorry for long post. :P)
Chuck. Dollhouse. Chuck. Dollhouse. It's hard to choose. Could it be that the Dollhouses are being run by FULCRUM? Or the agency that's really fronting Gen. Beckman and DCIA Graham is running a Dollhouse, and Casey and Walker are Dolls? Or Casey and Walker are inflitrating those bad guys?

Very hard to choose.
I haven't seen season two but season one of Chuck felt like very much like a show from the '80s. Highly likeable characters but that's about it. It's safe for want of a better word. Dollhouse season one on the other hand seems to inspires much debate, anger and passion. And that's the fandom I like to be in. God knows what season two will be like.
If Team Bartowski were on the Dollhouse case, Caroline would be back in college by now and Priya and her new boyfriend "Victor" (whatever his name is) would be beating the hell out of that guy :)

The Intersect would make Topher change his boxer-briefs, too.
Simon's post hits the nail on the head. Dollhouse has a severe shortage of likeable characters. Chuck has a surfeit of such characters. Of course, Chuck only deals with trival themes like abandonment, duplicity, trust, family, and friendship. I dimly recall another show that dealt with such issues. It was about a misfit girl and her group of misfit friends who tried to right wrongs, save the world and ended up forming an ad hoc family of sorts. Wish I could remember the name.
Chuck has a surfeit of such characters.

And as I said, that would be about it. Nothing else. And regarding likeable characters, I didn't like the characters in Battlestar but I did like the show.
Simon, you can really tell you only watched the first season because CHUCK became a deeper, more textured show in its second year. Yeah, it's still goofy and charming on the surface, but these characters are now more complex and nuanced than they started out.

I don't find it surprising at all that people around these parts would be pulling for CHUCK. tabmke's remarkably accurate post goes a long way toward explaining why.
Never thought I'd be voting against a Whedon show, but for me this one's between Terminator and Chuck. I enjoy Dollhouse but my connection to the characters is negligible compared to the other two. Granted, it hasn't had as much time for them to develop (I didn't really grow to love Terminator or Chuck till their second seasons) but that doesn't change the fact that these are the characters it'd hurt to lose - those in Dollhouse, not so much.

I voted for Terminator soley because I figured Chuck would already be leading (judging by the comments maybe I'm wrong?) Poll doesn't seem to work for me though anyway.

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Vote Dollhouse or we will have nothing to talk about at Whedonesque next year. I mean really hasn't it been great debating about a new Joss show? Hasn't it been fun? Haven't we bonded?

Yes, yes we have, Simon. Between DHSAB & Dollhouse, I've never been more addicted, er, dedicated to Whedonesque & it's community. After listening for a year of how we need another Joss show, we have it. I love it. Let's keep it. (My opinion is the only one that counts. Don't forget that.)
What korkster said. :)
I often ignore my own opinions in favor of korkster's :D
I voted for Dollhouse, repeatedly.

But I'm willing to bet that Chuck will win this poll. It is already the more popular show (it has the highest Nielsen ratings of any show on the list, right?). And, it (like Dollhouse and TSCC) has a dedicated fanbase online who will go and vote.
But your opinions doesn't count wiesenground and Jobo.
After reading all the E! comments, I think TSCC is leading. It came down to either TSCC or Dollhouse, so I voted for the show with (I think) has the better cast - TSCC.
Wow, I'm pretty amazed by the intensity of the Chuck love. I think it's sweet and funny, and I (eventually) watch every episode, but it never occurred to me to think of it as "whedonesque." For me, it's more like an enjoyable sit-com, but better because of the spy element.

My favorite character among all those shows (except Privileged--I don't know what that is) is Charlie from Life; my favorite relationship is Cameron & John from T:SCC, but my favorite story is Dollhouse's.
I already voted for Chuck, but having just watched the season finale, I feel compelled to vote for it a hundred more times. (Except I won't, because I don't vote multiple times). I really like Dollhouse, and have from the beginning, but I really care about Chuck. I guess the unwilling hero story (Chuck or Buffy) pulls at me more than any other. They both have a type of power thrust onto them and while they want to be normal, they choose to be a hero because they can use their power to save others.
theclynn, I never really got the whole unwilling hero thing... what sort of real person wouldn't want superpowers? I mean think of the awesome power!

I never really liked when Buffy becomes angsty about being a Slayer (but when she was angsting about Angel, I understood, what with all the issues there). But Buffy was much better with her as a badass warrior, since as Faith said, "Thank god we're hot chicks with superpowers!" That is one of the reasons why Spiderman always took a back seat to X-men in my mind. People who choose to fight are always more fun than the whiny ones doing it because "its right". Of course Batman, who fights crime without powers is better than all of them. Just like Wesley or Giles when he gets badass.

edit: Just wanted to add that korkster is right, as usual. And since Simon's a mod, his opinion should count for 50 of us normals, right? ;)

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I actually have seen Privileged, and it wasn't bad. Any show whose heroine will not only quote Spider-Man - re: "with great power comes great responsibility" - but will then come back into the room just to properly attribute that quote definitely gets a little nod of affection from me :)

As far as the poll goes, though, Dollhouse is the only one of the list which I've even seen more than occasionally, let alone am a strong fan of, so....
theclynn, I never really got the whole unwilling hero thing... what sort of real person wouldn't want superpowers? I mean think of the awesome power!

Buffy Summers, for starters. She was never not worn down by the burden that her powers placed on her, she was just capable of different degrees of happy coping. "Hot chicks with superpowers" was such an example -- neither of them are actually realizing something pleasant in that conversation, they're just putting something unpleasant into perspective.

Chuck and Buffy actually have a lot in common, and at similar stages of development. Wow, I could actually carry that out very far, but not without spoilers through the season finale of "Chuck".

People who choose to fight are always more fun than the whiny ones doing it because "its right".

Isn't that... why they choose it, though? Batman doesn't choose it because it's fun, to be sure. And certainly I can't think of any who do the superhero thing just... because, or because they can. There really is no concept for a Nietzschean superhero, because that's more or less an oxymoron.
I know Buffy didn't want the powers for some reason. Notice I said real person... unless Buffy is real? ;) The average person I know certaintly would want superpowers... see Cursed with Awesome on

And I phrased the last bit poorly. I meant that the X-men and Batman fight because its right, but they don't have it 'thrust upon them'... they choose to do it. They don't go about angsting about the fact that they have superpowers and can never be 'normal'... like Buffy and Spiderman did. I never got that. Who the heck wants to be normal? It's boring, people should aspire to be better than 'normal'. It should be noted that this applied to the best X-men when they were written by Joss as well... though of course Beast was far more interested in the mutant cure than the others for pretty obvious reasons.

edit: Perhaps the best example I can think of of my not understanding this is Heroes. Especially Claire... she's immortal and invincible and yet she spent a whole lot of time whining wanting to be normal. Although it should be noted that unlike Buffy and Spidey, she doesn't do the right thing and fight evil, she just sorta gets thrown into things.

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"And as I said, that would be about it. Nothing else. "

From someone who hasn't seen season 2. *golfclap*

Joss has said he doesn't give audiences what they want but what they need. Well I need what I want - perhaps because I've generally never gotten that. If Dollhouse dies, well no loss there.
"I never really got the whole unwilling hero thing... what sort of real person wouldn't want superpowers? I mean think of the awesome power!"

A responsible person wouldn't want it - only those who think of having fun would welcome it. Actually having to do something about saving the world is a huge task, that dwarfs mere mortals.
Considering X-Men and Spider-Man both spring from the genius of Stan Lee, I see a lot of similarities. But anyway. :)

Peter liked his power at first. I love the first thing he decided to do with his power: don a disguise and cheat at professional wrestling and become a TV celebrity. If that isn't exactly what a real teenager would do with powers, I don't know what is. :)
"Chuck" and "Dollhouse" are the two shows I most want to see renewed, but honestly, "Chuck" is the one I get more excited to see every week. "Chuck" is the post-"Veronica Mars" heir to "Buffy" -- an improbably balance of moving characters, relationships, exciting action, comedy. Joss said it's all about emotional resonance and rocket launchers -- nobody's getting that done on TV right now like "Chuck".

Good lord, KoC. That... that was fantastic. Hang on, I've got something in my eye... *sniff*
I certainly wouldn't want powers, and I'm perfectly real. I love my life. Love, love, love it. I spend tons of time just hanging out with my husband and cat. I'd have to give that up. And in Buffy/Chuck's case, they have to lie to the people they love. Sure, they have powers, but they have to lead a double life. So while they long for a normal life (and go through various stages of acceptance) they sacrifice it for the greater good. Not a choice I'd want to have to make.
I've gotten to like Dollhouse. I love Chuck.
What korkster said. :)

I often ignore my own opinions in favor of korkster's :D

This is the sort of wisdom I want to see from my minions fellow Whedonesquers.

I can name ONE hero who has fun saving people & doesn't lead a double life: Captain Hammer. Hell, everyone adores him, he has a HamJet, and his penis is shaped like a hammer. From what I've heard. And that's why he's the coolest guy on Earth.

Now, all of you "Chuck" folks, dissension in the ranks is not allowed. Quit trying to save your whiny hero and get back in that chair. It seems you need to be imprinted with experience "hot chicks hula dancing" to understand the true mission of the Dollhouse.

Welcome to Korksteresque.

Please note that this comment is full of sarcasm and snark to liven up the joint. If any of our opinions actually mattered in this case, I'd be emperor and we'd all wear bowling shoes. As that is not the case (yet), I now return you to your misguided thinking that something in this universe matters more than Dollhouse.
LOL Amusing, korster. Wrong, but amusing. ;)
I've enjoyed Chuck all season and that season finale was one of the best I have ever seen, so I voted Chuck. I'm trying to like Dollhouse and have watched all but one episode and am looking forward to the next 2 episodes but it still hasn't hooked me the way Buffy and Angel did ... can't put my finger on why. But, yeah, Chuck.
The thing about Chuck is that I enjoy it when I watch it, but it never actually grips me when I'm not watching it. I have no desire to go online and think about its implications or to speculate about what's going to happen next, even though I do like the characters.

Dollhouse, on the other hand, I can't stop thinking about, and I really want to see where it can go.
Septimus you put your finger on it: I love Chuck (and T:SCC) but they don't haunt me, make me want to rewatch, and stay in my thoughts, even in my dreams. But Dollhouse does do all of those things!
For me, the choice would also be between Chuck and Dollhouse. As mentioned above, Chuck has a fantastic set of characters and the actors all have great chemistry with one another. Since I've watched Chuck longer than Dollhouse, I think emotionally I'm more attached to Chuck and would be more disappointed if Chuck got canceled in that sense. OTOH, I think Dollhouse, being Joss's show, has a lot more potential as far as thought-provoking storytelling and eventual heart-tugging impact go. I'm already impressed with what we've seen so far. Think of it this way, I feel Dollhouse at episode 10 is a much better show than Chuck was at its 10th episode. Dollhouse's potential boggles my mind and so in that sense, its cancellation would hurt more. As much as I love Chuck right now and I think Season 2 was consistently excellent, I get the feeling that its potential is probably at a max right now, like this is as good as it'll get. If we get another great season 3, that would be wonderful but I don't feel that creatively we'll see another huge peak like we would with Dollhouse. But in the ideal world, both shows would be renewed.
Never got into "Chuck" at all, and "Terminator" took a wrong turn somewhere along the way this season.

Saw some kind of "Bring Back Betty" "campaign" last night on ABC and immediately thought "Why isn't there one like that for Dollhouse?" Why aren't the fans getting vocal where it matters? Do these online polls really have any kind of influence on the decision makers? Or is it just a way of seeing how much they can stir up?
Okaaaay. I love Chuck. I love it so much that it hurts to see it have to make a list like this...

But I had to pick Dollhouse. Despite my love for Chuck, I feel that Joss and Eliza simply deserve a second chance for this show more. It needs to continue. Well, both shows need to continue, but I guess I just need Dollhouse to continue more.

Also, I love the video of Miracle, Felicia and Dichen hula dancing. I think the three of them should consider doing it professionally as part-time jobs. :D

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experience "hot chicks hula dancing" to understand the true mission of the Dollhouse.

Not really giving me incentive here. :)

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