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April 27 2009

Tony Head in Merlin Australia Screening. Tony Head plays Uther Pendragon in the hit U.K. Series 'Merlin' which will debut on Aussie TV channel 10 this Sunday night at 6.30pm.

If you click on the link you can actually see the Channel 10 promo and cast previews which Tony is featured highly in.

I'm from Australia and love tony, but I'm not going to watch this... looks really bad.
I'm an Australian Tony fan too, and I think it looks like fun in the Robin Hood vein. I've been looking forward to it for a while.
Having seen it (most of it anyway) and having tried to keep an open mind because I'm a big fan of ASH I'll still have to recommend you go with the mortimer option.

It really is pretty bad.
Is it really a 'hit' in the UK? By what measures? If so, that's interesting given the lukewarm feedback here.
Most of the episodes are crap, occasionally there's a good one. Depending on the writer, I suppose. I don't know, I never check who's written what.
SteveP Well, it's enough of a "hit" that BBC picked it up for a second season because of the popularity.

I'm gonna watch it. Even if it's horribly painful and totally bastardizes the Arthurian legend - it's Tony plus medieval fantasy. I'll just tell myself "It's just characters with the same names" like I did watching King Arthur. ('cause, seriously? Gweneviere as the daughter of Merlin? WUWT?)

And from what I've been reading in interviews, Tony totally loves playing Uther. He gets to act out his childhood fantasies of being royalty of that period, and he said the castle is just fantastic.

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