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April 27 2009

Boba Fett fashion in Dollhouse. The official Star Wars blog gives props to Topher for the sweatshirt he wore in 'Haunted'.

Great to see some recognition for the so-far fantastic wardrobe on the show. It's a great shirt, too.
God, I didn't notice that when I was watching the episode, but that sweatshirt is abso-frakkin-lutely amazing. I want one so bad. But crap it's expensive. Someday I'll have some money, and I'm definitely getting that. Awesome.
As soon as I saw Topher with the Boba Fett hoodie that I've always wanted I jumped out of my chair! WOW!! awesome!!!
Is this the most visible popculture reference so far? I'm racking my brain to think of others.
As I pointed out 2 days ago... . I still want need one.
Yeah saw that jumper and thought at the time 'I want one!' but I didn't realize it was a Boba Fett reference. My Star Wars trivia is clearly not up to code.
"But you don't wanna hurt the Fett, 'cause man, you're *not* comin' back from that." -- BtVS "Smashed," Drew Z. Greenberg
Georges Jeanty said that he found some Star Wars - BobaFett hoodie online and he told Tom Lenk in a Q&A that he was going to draw Andrew in the BtVS S8 comic wearing it..... I guess it has got to be the same one.
Amazon has the hoodie for $200, but you can get it directly from Marc Ecko Enterprises for $98. It really is a very awesome, and yet still understated, shirt!
@drunkenbones, I had the same reaction. "Eep! Topher's wearing that super expensive hoodie I've been drooling over!"

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Ok, but if Topher shows up wearing the Storm Tropper hoodie...

I didn't recognize/realize it was a Bobba Fett - did he have it unzipped?
I think I completely missed this in the episode the first time round. Will have to rewatch, because that is one amazing hoodie. Cool.
My kid doesn't usually pay much attention to Dollhouse but when he saw that hoodie Topher instantly became the coolest person on the planet. It's been on his wish list for a year or two.
Of course, it's Shawna Trpcic who should get the props for Topher wearing the hoodie.

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