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September 11 2003

'Spun'. Daniel Erenberg's latest opinion piece over at

It's the weirdest thing. I remember hearing the rumors about "Dawn the Vampire Slayer" and thinking it was possibly the worst idea in this history of ideas.

Now I sorta want a Dawn spinoff. Maybe her low-key role in Season 7 was a blessing in disguise...
He's right though when he says that a Dawn spinoff wouldn't be a great idea because of no Buffy. Would it really be believable that Buffy wouldn't be in Dawn's life? Maybe in a few years, after she's graduated high school, but not now.
I agree with you, forcorreo. Hungry as I am for new BtVS stories, it just wouldn't be realistic (like vamps are realistic? I know, I know...) to have Dawn without Buffy. And we all know SMG would never agree to be a 2nd banana. Maybe they could recast and make Dawn a grown woman living in, oh, Transylvania or something.

I'm joking, gang. No Dawn...evah!

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