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April 28 2009

Alan Tudyk stars in the latest installment of James Gunn's PG Porn. NSFW due to language.

The cat was hilarious.
OMG this is the funniest of them all!
so far, two outta three have Firefly actors... Who's next?
Very brave of Alan to expose his secret in front of the entire Internet like that.
Due to language? What about that thing at the end? *shivers*

Great video, though.
so far, two outta three have Firefly actors... Who's next?

Two out of three? There's been more than three episodes of PG Porn.
Very funny, I think the funniest of them all so far, although I can't find the Charlie Brown one anymore. Still, as funny as they are, and even though they are taking the piss out of porn, it slightly wigs me out how mainstream porn is now ...
Damn, of all the times to be in school!

I have to go back and catch up on these. I ignored them after Nathan's, but I just found out Sean Gunn (whom I love on Gilmore Girls) wrote one of them and has (I think) appeared in others. So I must watch now.
This is really funny, but I still like Helpful Bus the best.
Haha, that was great. Who knew so much work went into porn acting!
Oh dear god. I cannot imagine Sean Maher or Ron Glass doing this.
Joss would never let Sean out of his basement long enough to do this.
I was supposed to be doing some haematology coursework when I stumbled across this. Yay procrastination!
dzr: All the older ones - including the Charlie Brown ones (which are very very different in style, and may be somewhat more disturbing to some, be warned) are at:

ETA: That this was my favorite so far :-)

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Creepy and hilarious at the same time. My favorite is still a toss up between Roadside Assistance and the one Nathan was in...

I hope they keep making these! :-)
Wow. The ending was very strange.
The ending is always strange.
This right here is why I never wanna meet any of my Whedoneque Idols in the flesh. Cuz now if I ever meet Alan Tudyk in person, my mouth is gonna shout out "CHECK IT OUT RENO!" before my brain can stop it. Then I'm gonna just wanna crawl into a beer bottle somewhere and hide.

A couple years ago I woulda said "LOOK! IT'S A LEAF ON THE WIND!" followed by nervous laughter. I'm sure he gets that all the time.
Joss would never let Sean out of his basement long enough to do this.

Ah, so true! I wonder if someone should go in and check to make sure he's still alive. We should set up a Spot Sean Maher website just to make sure he gets his daily exercise & sunlight. Maybe take him for a walk.
Were I unbearably crass, I might say along the lines of '.'

But I'm not, so I won't.

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Haha, that was awesome.

And yeah, Kaneda, the Charlie Brown one just.. wasn't really funny. :/
At least it's not shaped like a hammer?

*sigh* Nope. A hammer would have been better than Ken. *shivers*
*snorts* at frostcircus.
frostcircus, I think it's hilarious.
frostcircus - you rock! I think Mr. Tudyk might chuckle at that one.
Bummer of a birth defect, Al.
Fucking hilarious!
This is the 2nd one that didn't work for me. Quite frankly, finding humor in referencing Corky from Life Goes on, seems pointless, cruel, and not funny, whereas utilizing the characters from Peanuts for two episodes that I did enjoy immensely, and who were so blatantly not really those characters at all, that I didn't bat an eye, were. Alan was wonderful, always inventive, but geez - meh.

(Crap, sorry for the 3 edits - that's a first)

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