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April 28 2009

Official press release for the Fallen Angel/Angel crossover. The story will take place during season five of Angel and will guest star Illyria. Set for release in July.

I'm first in line for this one - Illyria was an amazing character and it was a tragedy that the story line ended so rudely (I still haven't forgiven the network for that).
I agree. The Illyria arc could have been interesting indeed.
Illyria deserves her own comic book arc. Spike, Gunn or Dru arcs seems like recycling for me.
Spike and Gunn perhaps, but we havnt seen nearly enough of Drusilla.
I'll never get enough Spike. :)
I'm down. Good or bad, crossovers are a comic fan's guilty pleasure.
Except that Star Trek/X-Men thing. That was just weird.

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