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April 28 2009

Dollhouse, Castle, & Chuck fans - wants your Save My Show Video. Make the case for why your favorite show... should return in the fall and your video might appear on

I did not see a deadline, but's reposting said deadline was tonight.

Man, Chuck is kicking Dollhouse' butt, guys. Get your camcorders out! I would if I had one ;)
Is it just me, or do the networks seem like they're actually making a publicity event out of "which show will we pick?"

"Hey, Bill, looks like people are paying a lot of attention to which shows are going to be saved."
"Sounds like a good reality show! How does Friday at nine sound?"

(Television officially jumps the shark, as the world simultaneously clenches)
Don't give them ideas. Or On Hiatus will find themselves being IP ripped off, OR worse, they will actually make a reality TV show about it. How many hits did Leave Brittney Alone get on youtube? There's obviously a market for it.
Hopefully, this gets more people to watch the shows. Live or on etc.
chayes, I think the universe would implode if that happened.
Soooo loving the Chuck ending that was hilarious

OMG I soooo want a Season 3
This is one of the most breathtaking cynical things I've seen in fandom. "Those fans will give our site loads of hits". And we fall for it everytime. Well done us. It's disgusting.
I want to help, but Id feel like an utter douchebag making a 'save my show' video and putting it on the internet. Plus if my friends saw me making a display of enthusiasm it could bring on the apocalypse.
I think I'm with Simon on this and I feel a slight case of nausea coming on. Might this be what exploitation feels like?
I was going to send my "Save Castle" vid in. But after reading the copyright rules, they wouldn't have accepted it as I use show caps. But feel free to look at it:
Terminator is on the list too btw (thought it should've been mentioned in the post given the Summer connection). Every single video on the main page is for Chuck though - if this had any effect at all on the networks decision to renew shows (which I doubt) then anything but Chuck wouldn't be helped out much.
What about Life?
CNN iReport is probably one of the most innovative thing I've seen a news network do. I really applaud them for it. They let real people tell real stories and feature some on CNN's programming. That's what interactive media is all about.

Is it to help get some traffic to their site? Sure. But they're letting people do it and featuring their shows and getting some cross publicity going. If someone sees a passionate viewer saying "Save Castle.." maybe they'll go watch.

It's a lot better than some click poll. It's viral video at it's finest.

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If someone sees a passionate viewer saying "Save Castle.." maybe they'll go watch.

It never ends well. In the past it's been "let's laugh at the freaks". I fear the same for this latest effort. Another excuse to make fun of tv fandoms.
I don't think so. CNN was fantastic about the WGA strike iReports they collected (the one that featured the photo of me and Joss actually was well handled). And if you'll notice the video they did feature about Chuck is from a Hollywood actor.
It just makes my hackles umm shackle. The idea of a fandom getting involved with corporate entities is anathema to me. I know occassionally we have to lie back and think of England but otherwise it just creeps me out. But that's me and the bees in my bonnet. Others will be less paranoid judgemental about the whole thing ;).
This I'm just unsure of. Wait and see, I guess. The sandwich thing definitely gets my hackles up though. But so does anything where fans try to prove what great consumers they are in an attempt to convince a network to do something.
Why is letting the sponsor know you appreciate their sponsorship of your program a bad thing? The show, every show, is there to act as filler to hold your attention between the commercials. Without the sponsors, there would be no commercial television.

I do not hold a Nielsen box and this is one of the very few ways I can send feedback.
Uh Simon - we're always involved with corporate entities - we promote Fox shows, we buy WB movies, we make fan sites that promote those shows/movies. We post comments on E!, TVGuide, etc. Those are corporations....

Everyone is "the man". :D
"Good cops get framed and put into a can
And all the money that we're making is going to the maaan

What man, whose the man, when's a man a man, why's it so hard to be a man
Am I a man? Yes, technically I am..."
Sending a letter to the sponsor also communicates your love of a show and appreciation for their sponsorship. Buying their stuff is just buying their stuff. Decisions about renewing shows are made looking at viewership numbers where the tipping point is measured in millions. Buying power is not power to influence that decision.
When I bought my Subways, I filled out comment cards thanking them for their sponsorship. I don't see why this is a problem.
we make fan sites that promote those shows/movies.

Yes but we can also slag them off as well. We're not beholden to anyone. It's them and us. Direct ties with 'the man' is just something I like to say away from. I guess I'm just the last angry fan.
When I bought my Subways, I filled out comment cards thanking them for their sponsorship. I don't see why this is a problem.

I'm not saying "bad on you for doing it." Do whatever you want, I'm not judging you individually for it, I just get a bad feeling watching these fan efforts as a bystander. Here in the US anyway, we're so well trained to solve every problem by buying something that we have a troubling tendency to mistake our buying power for real power. Which is not to say consumer choice doesn't have real and profound effects on the world, oh does it ever, but buying a sandwich and broadcasting that you did so in the hopes that a tv exec will be impressed and won't cancel your favorite tv show strikes me as a big example of this trend.
Ya'll are taking things a little too seriously. But I love ya anyways.
What man, whose the man, when's a man a man, why's it so hard to be a man
Am I a man? Yes, technically I am..."

Binary Solo:
(Sorry, I misplaced a 1 and 0 during the center rift)
It's business time anyway
There are only 10 kinds of people in the world. Those that understand binary and those that don't.
I just read that Castle had an amazingly good showing in a poll, but it took me so long to find this post that I couldn't remember where I read it.

(it was USAToday)

Also CNN is going to air the Chuck stuff (Chuck won, same poll apparently) between noon and 2pm (EDT?) tomorrow (Friday) (in the US?)
my source: via Twitter

someday I plan to detach myself from my laptop. (and people say I watch too much TV - when do I have *time*?)
My apologies for not mentioning Terminator. At first, I thought it already had been canceled, but really I've never even watched it, so it tends to not even register on my radar when I'm skimming a page.

Basically, my only awareness of the show was the 'tween show promos before Dollhouse (and I'm now a few/several weeks behind) and Summer's appearance on The Big Bang Theory. I'm not generally a genre viewer - Buffy was a glitch based on awesome dialog I read in a *fanfic* (so I started watching with season 1 on FX (and I watched Enterprise cause Scott Bakula was in it)) and I love Joss (while wishing his tastes were more mainstream, so I'd love *all* his shows. I basically bought the OMWF CD for the *liner notes*).

Sorry for the oversight. :-(

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