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April 28 2009

Can't Stop the Serenity Event Registration Deadlines. 33 cities registered so far. Some tickets on sale.

So excited! They are having one in Baltimore!!!!!!!!!! WOOHOO!!
Shirt purchased for the Arlington Show!
I know I said this last year too, but if someone could do one in Cleveland or Akron, OH, that would be pretty awesome. I myself don't have the time or resources, but I would totally go if someone did. Haven't been to one since year before last!
Seeing as Cabin In the Woods is filming up there, what are the chances of Joss popping-in to the Vancouver showing?
We'd love for Joss to pop in to our screening - or Drew or Fran - but my understanding is that the filming is going to be over by then in Vancouver. However, the Browncoats are getting together every Friday until the screening at La Fontana Caffe, currently watching Dollhouse, of course!! Joss - or anyone else who wishes to - is definitely welcome to join us for coffee or a snack!
Another more detailed post has been added to the main page of the CSTS site.

We’re delighted to announce that we currently have 20 cities with confirmed event dates! And over 30 cities registered and on board for 2009.

There's a calendar on the Forum with all of the dates and locations.

In addition to screening “Serenity”, many cities will also be adding “Dr Horrible’s Sing-a-long Blog” to the billing! Join fellow fans and sing along with Dr Horrible, Captain Hammer and Penny in theatrical style!


As Joss has said, “…it’s no longer enough to be a decent person.” His inspiration urges us to do something - to do more. So if you, or someone you know, can help out the Cause, we need you now more than ever.

Donate time and/or items to a local event near you. If you’re able, step up and host a screening or an affiliated event (Dr Horrible screenings would be great for this.) Or, donate money via our Facebook Causes page which will go straight to Equality Now.

Let’s work together to make 2009 truly shine!

Anne Barringer, Global Organizer
Can’t Stop the Serenity 2009

There's still time to start planning more events, so if there's not one near you, why not think about putting one on yourself?. With the inclusion of Dr Horrible, this year's events are going to have an added draw card, so I'd expect attendance to be up on previous years.

2009 is going to be so much fun!!!!
Sounds like the Minneapolis screening won't be until August. I might have to fly out for one of the June screenings on the west coast again, had a blast in LA a couple of years ago.
Also people can plan affiliate city events too if they are not able to get a screening together. There is swag mentioned in the forum for affiliate events.
Who organizes these things? Whoever manages to set one up in St. Louis every year is my hero. I missed last year's. Won't make that mistake again. AHHH I'm so excited thinking about it.
The events are all organized by regular everyday folk... fans just like you. They really are Big Damn Heroes for stepping up to the plate to put on amazing events! Anyone with an interest and a passion can pull an event together. :)
Many, if not most, of whom had never organized an event prior to doing so in order to have a local CSTS event.
Not only had I not organised anything of this size before the first one four years ago, but I didn't like and was not comfortable speaking in front of people. The Browncoats and Joss have cured me of that! For each of the previous three years - and again this year - I am the Event Co-ordinator, and the MC and standing up in front of 200 (albeit friendly) people and talking is now par for the course. ;-)

Thanks again, Joss - and b!x for the original idea. If you don't have a CSTS event in your city, start one. If I can do it, so can you.

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