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April 28 2009

Cabin Star Chris Hemsworth on Australian TV. Cabin in the Woods Australian star Chris Hemsworth will be appearing Live Via satellite from Los Angeles on Channel 7's The Morning Show from 9am tomorrow (30th April, 2009) where he will be talking about his role in the new Star Trek film.

He may also be giving us a few details about Cabin in the Woods as well.

I'll be up watching tomorrow for sure. But I don't have a DVR so I wont be able to record this but I'll keep an eye out on a video tomorrow I'm pretty sure there'll be a Home & Away fan will be recording this for sure.

I was very lucky enough to just hear about this before it finished this morning when I turned the TV on

Do you know what his role is in the new Star Trek movie?
George Kirk his name
I had no idea this guy was in 'Cabin in the Woods.' Yeesh what's with Joss hiring ex Aussie soap stars lately? Dichan from Neighbours and now Hensworth from 'Home and Away.' Good to see some Aussie's getting big breaks.
I still see Sierra as 'Katya' from Neighbours.

Not that I watch Neighbours. It comes on straight after 6:00 Simpsons and sometimes you can't turn it off in time. Honest.
I watched her in Neighbours nothing like Katya
Yeah I saw it the other day and they had some storyline about the Katya character and I just laughed. Immediatly made me think of Dichen and Dollhouse.
I didn't even know she was Australian. Embarrassingly out of touch with my country's main culture, clearly. I did think her accent was surprisingly good though.

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Dichen was okay in Neighbours, so I was willing to give her a fair go in Dollhouse (& she's turned out great). Chris in H&A, though? I mean, the show still has bad actors in it, but none are/were as bad as him. :P Hopefully Star Trek and other work that he's done in the US have managed to make him better. ;)
I've seen Trek, he's good in it.
How was Trek overall, gossi?

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