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April 29 2009

(SPOILER) Dollverse has some exclusive Dollhouse episode 13 pics. Dollverse has some possibly spoilery pics for 'Epitaph One'.

I don't know what any of that was, but it was awesome! It is Digg-able now, too. :)
I need to see this 13th episode. On TV. In 3 weeks. Not 2 months.
pat32082, you're not the only person who thinks that. 'cos I agree.
Is it episode 13?

Woah! Who's imprinting/wiping whom int hat first pic? And what's with Paul and Echo all dirtied-up and (apparently) teamed-up in the last one?

ETA: I assumed these were from Eps 11 and 12, not 13.

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Who is that in the background of the first picture? It almost looks like Felicia Day, but I don't think that can be right.
Felicia's in the pic. So, episode 13.

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I think this is what my Labrador used to feel like when I would pretend to throw the ball every so often.
It looks to me like Adelle will turn Victor into her ally at some point. Her clothes are not like anything she wears now, they make her look like she's not the boss anymore...
Wait... where's Adelle?
Uh, third pic?
Wow. She looks like a different person in that pic. Which is weird, I could pick out everyone else and was wondering who that was.
Holy crap. I HAVE to see this episode.

NEW THEORY: Felicia is the Dollhouse's new head lady, Adelle having been ousted.

I prefer the idea that she's an Echo imprint in the future, but based on her position in the picture, I'm thinking head lady.
Is this the episode there not showing? Because it looks fucking brilliant
Caved in and looked at the pics.

HOLY CRAP 13 looks awesome! Please air it FOX!
Oh THERE's Felicia! I barely saw her!

Okay, so it's episode 13.

And yeah, it looks like Felicia and some other may be running the Dollhouse (or at least are in possession of the technology/chair) while others (Adelle, Victor, Paul, Echo ... or some combination thereof?) are attacking it or something. But, of course, it's not really possible to tell who is on what side.

Fox should show this!

Lack of air...


Must breath....


Now please??
LOL Sunfire - I know exactly what you mean. Methinks my labrador is also getting her revenge.
Wasnít Epitaph One supposed to be set 30 years in the postapocalyptic future and not feature anyone from the main cast? Because I see Eliza and co. and they sure donít look any older then now.

It could be some sort of flashback (from Epitaph One timelineís POV), that reveals how and why the apocalypse came about, but that would mean that the apocalypse is literally just around the corner.

One way or another, I agree with others that the pics look awesome. :-)
E! published the story saying it was set 30 years in the future and had none of the main cast. They got it wrong on both counts.
Thanks, gossi. That's what had me confused.
Where's pic 2.jpg? ;)
I'm going to say that the Dollhouse is now viewed as a Church and the whole imprinting thing has now become a worldwide religion.
It is set in a post-apocalyptic future though, right? It just can't be 30 years because the cast haven't aged.
Maybe they're all just trying to survive after the robot apocalypse (J-Day)


By the way, is it just me or does Echo in the one with Ballard look remarkably like Morena Bacarrin?
Shall we interpret the release of these pictures as an indication that "Epitaph One" will actually air? Surely Dollverse wouldn't be so mean to tease us with something that's not gonna be released for months. ;)

(Oh wait. They did that with that first Dollhouse-trailer back then too. Damn.)

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gossi: Do you have any more details about the episode's setting and the amount of involvement from the main cast? I know that Joss hinted at the PaleyFest, that the main cast will be to some extent also featured (he specifically mentioned the inclusion of Adelleís Dollhouse pith from Echo), but if you say that E! Online got it completely wrong (no surprise there), then Iím really curious when is the episode supposed to be set and what amount of screen time will be given to the main cast.
OK - the first pic: I think Felicia's character is with Alan's Alpha character (who I think is the shadowy figure with his back to the camera, it looks like Alan's hair and head to me) and they are imprinting someone (can't tell who that is for sure). The woman in white that November?

I couldn't tell that was Adelle with Victor when I looked at that third picture either. I'm glad J.I.G. posted it was her in the pic.
Is that Alan in the center of the second picture?

Also? Holy squeeballs I want to see this episode.

Passion, to me that doesn't look like Alan in the first picture. On my screen, the hair looks dark, and the build doesn't seem right. Looks more like Victor to me, but it could be anyone. Or maybe it's Topher? And the woman in white... that's not Amy is it? I'm not sure if the build is right, but something about her profile...

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The woman in white looks like Amy Acker to me...
She reminded me of Dru.
OMG I wish I hadn't seen that. It hurts sooooo much cause I now need to see this! Its not Fair! I am gonna throw a tantrum until they show it!
How are you people seeing so much detail int hese pics? I can barely make out anything, especially in Pic 3!
Special, Limited Edition Dr. Horrible Eye Goggles.
Maybe the purpose of the Dollhouse isn't about fantasy...maybe it's about time-travel.

OMG this looks awesome!!!

Good guess on the imprinted world wide religion angle, Simon. And the time travel concept could certainly work too didifallasleep!

Personally, I think there's a group of leaders living and ruling from beyond the grave. This past week's episode laid the groundwork for it. Someone like Lennon or Churchill or even one of history's greatest villains (i.e. a Hitler type) is given another chance at ruling what's left of civilization.

(Obviously those specific leaders are dead and are therefore not available for weeks of "treatment" to get their consciousnesses into a hard drive but there's bound to be another powerful personality that would fit the bill, some time between now and the apocalypse. Wouldn't it be funny if it was Topher? All of his apostles would be dressed in Star Wars regalia.)
I want this series.
This reminds me of the fourth season finale of BtVS. That one was awesome, so I don't see why Ep. 13 of Dollhouse wouldn't be. If Fox decides to renew, they're going to have to air this episode sometime. Adelle and Boyd's conversation about "the end of western civilization" laid the groundwork for it regardless.
How are you people seeing so much detail int hese pics?

Just guessing. I can hardly see anything, it's just fun to image I can ;)
Is anyone else noticing the similarities in Paul and Echo's wardrobe in the 4th pic to Mal and Zoe?
I definitely get a Mal vibe from Tahmoh in that last pic. Tried very hard not to look at them. The only way I managed was to be in class and away from the internet. But yes, I can't wait to see this ep and hope Fox gives in.
I want to see this so much! Scratch "see", it's not powerful enough. I want to EXPERIENCE this! *throws crazy dance fit*

This looks amazing! I can tell who's in the last two pictures, but the first two elude me. Except for, ya know, Felicia's hair. ;)
1: Amy at the controls! Felicia looks great. Maybe we don't know the guy with his back to us? I do think the girl in the chair is November, but it's hard to say... everyone looks so grungy and post-apocalyptical. Note the large clear plastic sheets crumpled on the floor in the background.

2: Where is 2.jpg? ...and why do I have this irrational excitement coursing through my veins demanding to find out who or what is in this photo?

3: Very Firefly-esque. I love seeing Paul and Echo [or is that Caroline?] working together in some capacity. Also, it looks like they just got their asses handed to them. Was it the ominous group from photo 1? Or could it have been...

4: Whoo! I can't help but notice the stark difference between Paul and Echo's wardrobe and what Victor and Adelle are wearing. Also, Victor and Adelle appear to be the most clean-looking people in the event of an armageddon. Are these two defending the Dollhouse? Or coming back to claim it from the photo 1 people? Or from Paul and Echo?

5: Aside from the sheer squee this image brings out in me, I'm straining my eyeballs to see any and all details on my mac, and from what I see it looks like maybe Alan kneeling in front of the candles. Could that be Sierra over his right shoulder? Are these our dolls? And who knew that forest design on the wall in the art area could look creepy as all hell?

These images all remind me of the Buffy episode "The Wish," despite the hints that it will still fit into the show's over-arching continuity and the comparisons that have been made between it and "Primeval." I can't wait for the dvd. It's literally impossible. Sorry for going on with all the yammer.

Wow, if I knew I was gonna' go on this long, I probably would've brought some water.

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I need to see this now! If that lady in white is Claire, then that is...interesting.

And Tahmoh looks like Mal/Season 4 Wesley to me, haha. Probably the gun.

And Adelle is so bad ass!

I'm excited now!
For anyone else who's as tech dumb as me, turning the screen brightness to max might help on the dark two photos.

For my money, the people in the first picture are l to r: someone in the body of Claire, someone we don't know getting imprinted, Felicia's character, Alan's character.

I don't recognize anyone in the second.

As for Ballard looking like Mal, maybe at the Battle of Serenity? Otherwise not.
How exciting! Do we know how far in the future it's set, if not 30 years? (I was confused by that as well).
Holy CRAP! I am really excited about this episode! It has a Matrix/Firefly feel to it from the pictures. Like maybe they are on the run and imprint themselves with the right skills for each job?
Hah, for a moment there I thought the last picture was Mal and River *g*
sweet ass-kicking photos man it's a shame that fox won't air that episode
These pics make me so excited! And sad that we won't get to see it on the air :(
And BTW, we already know Felicia's role: when joss answered those 5 (ok, well 6 technically) fan questions, he said she's gonna be "a tough yet tender freedom-fighter in a post-apocalyptic future, DUH." (It was my question, which is why I remember the answer:P) Although I didn't believe him at the time (I thought he was joking), it seems possible now he was being serious. So there ya go.
Embiggened and embrightened pictures.

Chair and Group
Thanks, zz9! Those are excellent!

(I couldn't even see the "guy with his back to us" in the first pic before. Now, I think it might be Topher, and the profile on the woman in white sure looks like Amy Acker.)

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OMG! I tweeked the colour and brightness of the first pic a bit more, and got this!

NOW it all makes sense....

[ edited by zz9 on 2009-04-30 02:40 ]'s a crazy idea.

If this really is supposed to be 30 years into the future, and our main characters really haven't aged at all....what if.....

...they really were dolls?

What if the name Dollhouse is actually accurate?

The actives really are dolls.

No, silly, not like real dolls, but in the sense that these humans aren't actually human. Possibly robotic in a sense or something that would keep them from aging. Their true past, the things they believe they are escaping, and supposedly willingly, are no more than the imprints they have always been given.

And not in the Cylon sense, but just that they aren't human. The Dollhouse is actually not about fantasy, but about technology. And seeing if their "dolls" can really pass for humans.

Which suddenly ends the discussion of how the show is "icky" (for those in the "human trafficking is not humorous" camp, and the "I'm a Christian and can't get over the dress in Ghost" camp).

Suddenly it's just an amazing story of human nature, as told by dolls.

Almost like a storybook for grownups.

But then again, I might be high.


[ edited by didifallasleep on 2009-04-30 02:56 ]
zz9 - that last picture tweak was a revelation!
It does explain all the singing....
Loved your pic zz9 but I think Bad Horse may be after you for revealing the truth!
zz9- Now I get's all connected!

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