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September 11 2003

Is Northfork your "Cup of Tea"? Everyone's favorite cowardly wizard, Ethan Rayne (OK, it's not really Ethan, it's Robin Sachs) has a movie out. "Cup of Tea" is the name of his character. 'Cause he's British, get it?

I can't believe nobody's posted about this movie. Actually it was the Joel Grey article that made me think to put this here. I missed Northfork at the theaters, but it looks interesting from the reviews. Anyone seen it?

Haven't seen it but it got a 59% rating on Rotten Tomatoes.
That's odd. Roger Ebert gave it 4 stars.
'Fraid I haven't seen this, but I finally noticed Sachs in 'Ocean's Eleven' the other night, selling a Picasso to Julia Roberts' character. My, that man can wear a nice suit!
I spotted him too in ocean's eleven, he's only visible for a split second.
My friend reviewed Northfolk here. BTW, I'm not exactly sure if this counts as self-promotion (since it's in comments and not on the main board), since I'm one of the Admins of this site, but if it does, feel free to delete my comments. Sorry and/or thanks.
I noticed a few weeks ago that good Mr. Sachs was also in The Lost World for about 30 seconds at the beginning. I'd have liked to see him arm wrestle a velociraptor, but you take what you can get.

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