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April 29 2009

Amber Benson Discovers Tweeting to Promote Her New Book "Death's Daughter". "The conclusion of iF Magazine's exclusive Amber Benson interview has her comments on Internet social networking, her favorite parts of her debut solo novel DEATH'S DAUGHTER and what she's doing now".

Amber's interviews are always so cool.
Weird headline to describe someone who's been tweeting for awhile now.
Oh, Gawwz, she just enchants me more with everything.
Has anyone read her book? If so, how was it?
I liked it. Not familiar with paranormal roamnce chciklit conventions so don't know how successfuls eh was at that. Then again, the heavy mythological elements (so I've heard) are a departure from that subsubgenre anyway so it might be awrong question to ask.

It was definitely a first novel, first solo, anyway, with most all of the little glitches and hitches that implies, and I have to wonder how much I'd've liked it if I didn't know and already adore the author in a different context already. Then again, it's not the sort of thing I'd pick up if it'd been written by just some Jane Blow (sister of Joe) from Publishers' Row, y'know, so I have little to compare it with.

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