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April 30 2009

Jewel Staite joins the twittering masses. According to Jewel's site, she has joined Twitter. Sadly the post didn't include a link, but I'm guessing it's this.

And, following her followers, found Clare Kramer.
Sweet Thanks!
Lemmings. Heh. :D
Hey, I thought we were the "twittering elite"

Then again, considering there is a Tweeting Cat Door maybe we are not so elite as I thought.
I was going to mention Clare Kramer, but through the chain of command I found Julie Benz as well.
I will follow her to the end of the microblog.
I'm sorry, but the cat door in fact is elite.
This 'Josh' is definitely fake, correct?
I woulda thought Jewel would put BC as her location.

I wonder what she's up to acting wise.
jaxn, Joss doesn't know how to spell his own name.

John Darc, Jewel lives in L.A. now.
Seriously? Josh Whedon? I dunno...

Remember: Joss' first tweet was just recently during PaleyFest, via the @drhorrible account. @joshwhedon has been around for months (as has @josswhedon, which only popped up when I called out @joshwhedon for getting the name wrong).

[ edited by The One True b!X on 2009-04-30 06:08 ]
Well, if the b!X sez so, it must be so. I believe the b!X.... :)
I don't recall seeing these mentioned before on Whedonesque, but Nathan Fillion and Alyson Hannigan are also on Twitter. :)
Awesome! I love whenever new Whedon-related folks join Twitter. I've promptly just added Jewel, Clare and Julie.

As for @joshwhedon, I added that person thinking it might have actually been Joss, believe it or not. I figured he was just being facetious with the username since the media usually mistakenly refers to him as Josh. Good to know he's a fake, I've since removed that person!
he's a good faker, though. He almost never tweets and those tweets he has could pass for genuine.
I followed a chain from there, (can't check it now, I'm using a work computer and I cna only read Twitter from the library) but I think Liz Allen (as ElizabethAnne) is too. At least the picture looked like her, what I could see of her face, the hair was in front of it.
I'm now following all those folks. Thanks for the links to them. :)
I kinda like The Twittering Cat Door. ;)

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