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April 29 2009

Name The Crappy Town Where You're a Hero. Really. Quantum Mechanix (QMx) and Austin Browncoats are having a charity auction to do just that. Be part of 'Verse history!

What a great idea! I can't wait to see the finished Atlas :)
I want a North b!Xderton, where b!X is mined from the earth by the hard-scrabble b!X miners.
Brownderton is so my crappy town. It's on Beaumonde.
Thanks for all the bids! We're already up to 23 bids, which means at least 23 towns have been named so far.

Can't wait to see all of the awesome names folks come up with!
A note from the artist himself, Ben Mund:

"I just wanted to add my thanks to all who have placed bids. It's such a great cause.

(I'm saying it by proxy becuase I'm not smart enough to remember when Whedonesque's open registration is).

Anyway, I look forward to putting your crappy town names on terra firma when I finish up the atlas. Or "Versa firma".

- Ben Mund"

If you can get a message to Ben Mund.
"We often have open registration on public holidays.

If you have compelling reasons to join the site without delay (to comment on a link to your work, for example, or if you're SMG or that delightful young man, Anthony Head), drop us a line using our contact form. "

So Ben could use the contact form or wait for the next public holiday. Maybe Memorial Day.
Will do. Thanks! :)
We have 25 bids now. :)

Keep'em coming!

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