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April 30 2009

Angel Series Box Set is Amazon Deal of the Day. Amazon's Gold Box Deal of the Day is the Angel complete series box for $56.99.

If you or someone you know needs a little more Angel in their lives (and, c'mon, who doesn't?), this may be the deal for you!

I think I paid twice that price for one season back in the day!
Thank you for posting. I just bought myself an early birthday present!
That's only 51.8 cents per episode!
Seriously, that's less than a new season 5 goes for at the DVD store near me.

I kind of already have them all, though. This doesn't have a bonus disc or anything, right?
Ugh. The R1 is so much better than the cheap R2 box set[s].
Back when amazon had the individual seasons for $20 each, I had them in my cart forever debating whether or not to get them. Once they went back up to $32 I thought I'd missed my chance, and now I'm glad I waited.
And I ordered it 2 days ago :(
Thanks! This will complete my collection of Joss Whedon DVDs, at least until Dollhouse comes out.
geratongs3000: I think if Amazon hasn't shipped it yet, you can request to get the lower price. I remember all this going down when the Chosen Collection first went on sale and the price kept going up and down.

Edit: I'm deciding whether to get this. Does anyone know how much it normally is? Or how often it goes on $57 sale?

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Yesterday it was $125-ish. I've seen it at $100 as well.

I ordered it the second I saw this post, since I missed my chance due to waffling when it was $50 last December, and I've been kicking myself ever since.
I didn't order it last December either. I just ordered mine.

Now I am going to have to wait til after the wedding to buy anything more.. e.g.Dollhouse.

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