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April 30 2009

Felicia Day joins Dragon*Con guest list. She joins an ever-growing list of Whedonverse stars at the Atlanta 'con. Keep an eye on the Whedon Universe track website for more.

(Wayne, I can't help with your posting privs, but I'm happy to post 'em for you in the interim. :)) - starlady @ Tech Ops
Now I am so, so sad that I'm not going.
I'mma try my best to make it down there now. I would love the chance to meet Felicia.
Yes! We have such a great guest list so far. I'm so glad the track worked hard to bring in people I haven't met before, like Charisma, and Felicia. I was really hoping they'd get her!
Felicia Day and Ron Glass in one building. I can't wait.

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