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April 30 2009

Eliza leaves for Uganda. It's part of the Boston Initiative to Advance Human Rights. The trip is run by her mother Professor Dr. Judith Dushku.

The trip is to shed light on the abuse and torture of women and children in war-torn East Africa.

That sounds like a very interesting trip. Thanks for the update, edcsLover9. I'm curious to hear how the trip went when Eliza gets back. Maybe she'll post something on her MySpace about it. :)
Eliza remains awesome.* Maybe she'll post about Uganda on, too.

*She should stay on my TV screen, I warrant.

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Carson Daly talked to her a fair bit about her traveling when she was on recently.

Maybe she'll post about Uganda on, too.

I wish they'd make that site less sucky.

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And UK Private Eye magazine readers snicker quietly to themselves...
zz9: Well, we all know there is a difference between talking about Uganda and actually doing it.
You mean she's not going to be discussing Ugandan politics while she's there? :)

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