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"Did I just lose an argument to a doll?"
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April 30 2009

Buffy Summers, the papercraft model. This is a wonderful fan effort.

Whoa. Someone has a lot of time and skill on their hands...
Ooooh, spiffy.

Paper Angel too, please?
Dude. A paper Buffy to go with paper Serenity! How about an Echo too?
Much better than those doofus square paper dolls on the Dollhouse wiki.
Wow........that's a hardcore fan.
I love stuff like this, kudos to the designer.
Ah, even though Iíve worked in the video game industry, Iíve never thought of converting 3D models into printable and foldable paper versions. Itís in all likelihood ripped from one of the Buffy games, but it still required a lot of effort, and is kind of awesome.
That is so cool....i may download the parts and make this sometime
That's fantastic. I may have to misuse the colourprinter at work Monday and try to make one for myself.

Ooh! There is also has an Indiana Jones one.

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Oh my lordy, they also have the Samurai Pizza Cats HQ! ...And now I have the American dub's theme song in my head.

I'd like to get all of these models done and then make a little story with them all. Oh no, Buffy saw a vampire near the Pizza Cats HQ! But it turns out to be only McGee's Alice. Just then, Indy runs by...! *on and on*
"Itís in all likelihood ripped from one of the Buffy games, but it still required a lot of effort, and is kind of awesome."

I once asked Ninjatoes how he makes these papercraft models. He said he starts with a 3D model(so yeah, probably ripped from a game considering he is known for his game paparcraft models) and then uses a program to convert then to papercraft models. It does require a lot of tweaking though.

I think we should all think ourselves lucky that it was Ninjatoes that made a Buffy model. He really knows what he's doing
Some ace work by Ninjatoes, no doubt. No algorithm can, or wonít for a long, long time, make art obsolete.
Looks like he got it from 'Chaos Bleeds' judging by her outfit, still an incredibly awesome effort though! I vote an Angel one next, then an Echo one :D
So clever! Regardless of the origin of the drawing, he's managed to keep an absolutely amazing level of fluid gesture and the essence of the resemblance whilst coverting the whole figure into the flat , for reassembly.

It is so easy to get limbs and extremities looking slightly disproportionate, awkward, or plain wrong, even in 2d drawing-even the fantastic Jo Chen does that quite a lot. I'm totally impressed with the artistry here.

I am a pop-up (or as it is sometimes called "moveable book") fancier/amateur. This super good figure triggered the thought of a Buffy Pop-Up Book, and it seems like a wonderful possibility to me- though way beyond my feeble paper engineering skills, which are actually quite pitiful. I think I'm going to be a geek and email some of the modern day pop-up wonders to beg them to consider it.

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