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April 30 2009

Zap2it asks 'Is a Buffy film wishful thinking or a hopeful possibility'? This follows on from Emma Caulfield's comments that the idea of a Buffy reunion movie is "circling".

The interview was posted here a couple of days ago.

Well, it is circling. Amongst people who didn't see Joss say it wasn't happening.
Yes - perhaps Emma is caught up with the rumours :). Although, prove me wrong world, cause I would be very happy.
Is this the new Serenity 2? Can we blame Alan again?
Yeah, it's totally Alan's fault.
Nathan really has to stop calling random Whedon alums and telling them about things he read on the internet.
This is so annoying.

As much as I like Buffy, it's over. People need to deal with it.

For those who can't, there's comics.

For those who can't handle canon, there's Spike on Xander fanfic.


I was, up until that last bit (shudder...)
Is it wishful thinking? Yes
Is it a hopeful possibility? Yes
Is it worth never mentioning again if it means saving us from spander / xike fiction? Yes.
Double feature: Buffy 2 & the Beatles Reunion Tour! (... both are equally likely)
Is that as in "circling the drain"?
Arguments against Gay Marriage:

If we allow gay marriage, we'll have to allow construction workers and vampires with souls to get married too!

Slippery slope, indeed!
Look, it's the nature of "the Biz," it's almost, not quite, 100% certain that eventually all of them, even Joss, will hit the Love Boat Stage of their careers. So it'll happen eventually .
I think it's cool if they are talking about it. Super cool. :)
If it was going to happen it probably wouldn't for a couple of years. She is pregnant and I'm betting after waiting this long to have a child, she'll take a couple years off to be a stay at home mom. I get that vibe from her and Freddie.
The more we talk about it, the more it would hopefully happen.

I mean, you can't be a Buffy fan and NOT want a continuation of the story with actors instead of drawings.
Sure you can. I love the tv show and the comics. I would enjoy a movie but I'm not really gung-ho about the idea.
You can, sure, but movie > comics, always always always (I'm specifically talking Buffy in this case because live action is the medirum in which she debuted/was most popular).
I'm personally a bigger fan of an Angel continuation (much more of a dramatic story to tell than a Buffy continuation--sorry folks).

The only way a Buffy film continuation would be worth it is if it tackled something really HUGE (like Buffy/Angel/Spike triangle huge). Or a BtVS/AtS cast combination film (unfortunately without dear Andy Hallett).

I honestly think a lot of casual viewers would be disappointed if Angel and Spike weren't in it (and Illyria is quite popular). The Scoobies really weren't the main draws and that's all BtVS has nowadays. Faith is a bigger draw than the Scoobies.

I know Connor wasn't popular even in the fandom until recently (boo!), but I'd love to see them bring him in as part of Angel's core. Finally we could get a Buffy/Connor meeting. That alone is reason enough to bring the two casts together. And hey... Connor/Dawn, anyone?

A Fray film at least wouldn't leave non-fans in the blank about what is going on, could be thought of as a disconnected sci-fi film and could still mean something to BtVS/AtS fans.
Comics > film.

Seriously, why does everyone think that films are so great? The reason Buffy was so good was because of the storytelling enabled by it's episodic nature. The comics have now taken over that episode format and the story continues to develop. I for one would get nothing from a film and probably wouldn't go and see it.
Wow NileQT87, what show were ~you~ watching? :-P

Faith is a bigger draw than the Scoobies.

Not for me. At all.

Though I like her interaction with Giles in the comics. But that's the comics.
Wow NileQT87, what show were ~you~ watching? :-P

Pretty much the same one I was watching. :)
If the only hope I have of a new Buffy film/series is to sit through a B/A/S 'shipper-fest or a story ignoring the main characters in favor of Spike, Faith, Illyria or Connor...

...I'll pass, thanks. The comics are worlds above any such for me (since, y'know, the main characters really are the main draw as far as I'm concerned), and I'd even prefer the "Tales of the Slayers" anthology I and some others suggested back when talk of a spin-off was being seriously discussed.
This might be a good thread to say ... what the hell happened to Ripper?! My god I would love to see that happen. If we don't get to see more Dollhouse (touch wood) I would take it as one hell of a consolation prize if it gave Joss some time to make a Ripper series (or, I guess, just a one-off TV movie)
Everytime we talk about a Buffy movie, even though it's not that likely, I feel just a little bit more hopeful.

The comics don't even come close to seeing live actors, acting, with all the things that go with it. No way, no how.

And I just always assume that it wouldn't just be the scoobies. Why would it? I would hope they would bring in Spike for sure, and anyone else that fits in the story from the Angelverse.

It would be a nice full circle for Buffy to go from movie, to TV, and back to movie. I'm not looking for closure, because I don't really want it to end but I would definitely like to see my favorite verse ever on a screen again. For me, the comics, though enjoyable, just can't compare.

And I don't think Faith is a big draw at all. In any random poll about favorite characters she never scores as well as Buffy, Willow, Spike or Angel.
Hey, a Buffy/Willow, Spike/Angel movie. That'll put a new slant on things.
I think the more we want a Buffy movie, the more the "Powers That Be" will keep it from happening. I mean, look around. See all the stuff we don't want that we get anyway?

It's the desire which is important, not the having. Or something like that.
Can we a spufilowandenordrewyriagel spin-off? If only so we can use that term.
I want a Buffy movie with Angel as a star that FINALLY allows Buffy and Angel to get together. The movie should be epic, which is why some Angel characters should appear.

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