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April 30 2009

First look at "Alien Western". Clips from James Marsters' new movie High Plains Invaders (previously called Alien Western) that will be coming out in June.

Based on the clips, I gotta say it looks like my kind of a movie ;) I was expecting for some cheesy fun, but the production actually looks much better than I expected.

(also, thanks to Patsy at CDS for originally finding the link)
I love James, but he has really got to get some better films.

I mean Dragonball, P.S. I Love you, and now this?
Oh I can't wait to see this! It looks like such daft fun! *g*
James apparently auditioned for Martin Scorsese recently, but from my own selfish POV I'm very glad that he's still also doing scifi because I'd rather watch a movie about killer bugs from space than anything by Scorsese.

As for PS I Love You and Dragonball Evolution, they both did better in the box office than, say, Serenity, so I can't really blame James for doing them (even if PS I Love You was horrific). Especially considering how hard it is for actors to get any kind of work in Hollywood these days.
That looks like crazy whacky fun!
Can't wait to see James as the leading man.

Plus, SF Westerns. My kinda stuff.
This is going to be on Pay Per View? I'm sorry, but it looks pretty bad. I like sci/fi, Love the sci/fi western concept, but this? Sorry, James, I really am.
I loved DBE and thought James was perfect as Piccolo and I even enjoyed Shadow Puppets and Chance was very good. Just wish he would come back as Capt John Hart in Torchwood and Brainiac in Smallville. Moonshot will be coming out soon also, so will have a lot of James to love.
This can't be right. A SciFi Channel movie that looks halfway decent?
TDBrown, this is going to be on SciFi Channel in the U.S., which is basic cable for most people (channel comes free with the cable subscription), not pay-per-view. Not sure about elsewhere in the world.
I do think this is going to be great fun. Maybe not the highlight of James' career, but something to entertain. Plus, Cowboy Sam is going to go down as one of my favorite James characters based on wardrobe alone!
This looks pretty good. I'll definitely give it a watch.
I don't know if this is gonna be a goooooood movie, but I know I wanna watch it! I'll watch it just for fun/just for James, of course, but it looks far less awkward than I thought it would when I first heard about it..
This looks very fun. Nice balancing act of self-conscious cheese and playing it straight. It's rare that an idea as knowingly silly as this doesn't insist on drawing attention to its silliness. Rare and refreshing.
Be fun if at the end it was shown as a part of the 'Verse rather than Earth-that-was :D
I'm not sure what you mean Kane. Like cowboy Sam turns out to be Spike, or it's set in Serenity world?
Interesting thought either way.

I am definitely looking forward to this. It's gonna be FUN!
Now, if the original post had said "A SciFi Original Movie," I would have been prepared in advance... James is looking good, as ever, but I couldn't sit through SciFi dreck with Morena Baccarin and Adam Baldwin, and I can't imagine I'll manage it with this, either. I'm still baffled how SciFi could have had anything to do with the production of something as fabulous as BSG, given their usual caliber of programming. Good for James for getting the work, though.

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