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April 30 2009

(SPOILER) 20th Century Fox's eleven minute Dollhouse video recap. Last couple of minutes are very spoilery since the video contains footage from the remaining episodes of the season.

Intriguing. And possibly a day too soon.
Awesome. I can't wait. Cross-posted everywhere to try to get new viewers (how could you not be interested in seeing what happens now?)
Never too soon! These are the very best kind of spoilers.
Awesome. Now I really can't wait for tomorrow night.
That was... beautiful.
Nice to see the fixed version :).
Yeah, sorry about that. I posted the link without watching it all the way through (rookie error, I know). Once I got to the end, I said a very bad word and corrected. Won't happen again.
Yeah, that contains stuff all the way through to and including the season finale.
Yes. Again. Sorry.
The Irish Cowgirl: I was referring to the link I posted last night and then deleted. It was the same video as you posted but there was sync problems with the sound and the video got pulled. You've nothing to be apologetic for.
I'm so excited! Such a good video!! I can't wait! On the other hand, I'm also sad that we won't get Epitaph One on air :(
Nice to see the fixed version. It's beautifully edited. And WOW! Spoiler alert! I got chills...and they're multiplyin'.

I can't wait for tonight's episode!!!

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Yeah, that contains stuff all the way through to and including the season finale.

Since it's from the studio and not the network, is there actually footage of Epitaph One there?
Oddly, no. It finishes towards the end of Omega.
This was excellent. I'm really looking forward to tonight's episode.
Gee, nice of them to shove in Dr Saunders right on the 11:00 min mark. Not an awful lot of love for Sierra and Victor, either.

You know, I've never really felt that the true essence of any Joss show could be captured via recap. And unfortunately, this doesn't make me reconsider that stance.
I think this was trying to hit the key points of the main narrative arc rather than delve into the ensemble and the human trafficking themes. I think it's great and the editing was well done. You can only get so much across in 11 minutes.
That looked like an Alpha-chair in the end... Kinda old school/man made.
Aww man. I'm going to cry if Victor gets hurt too bad. Or if he's the one that gets "deactivated permanently". :(

This is going to be so Epic.

Poor, naive Topher. Zap-zap to the brain-man.

And I can't, for the life of me, tell who the pasty/cut figure in the chair is near the end.
Well, shoot. My comment was on the other thread and now I can't get to it.

My god, does that look phenomenal! Poor Victor, getting all cut up. And Topher getting zapped. :( How confusing it must be for Echo to see two of her "protectors" fighting each other! And Saunders, at what lengths will she go for survival?? The gray line just went zig zag. I hope everyone makes it! I love them all (I even miss Dominic)!
And I can't, for the life of me, tell who the pasty/cut figure in the chair is near the end.

Which pasty cut figure? The guy who cries out "You're not real!" is SPOILER: .

The guy cut on the floor is Victor.

The person in the chair at the end with a cord-thing in her mouth is Echo.

Is there another person? What time on the vid?

Hmmm... there's also a guy (on his knees?) looking up at Alpha (I guess) at 10:59-11:00 minutes. It doesn't look like anyone I've seen before .
The most intriguing thing of all to me is who he's saying isn't real, there.
Love the music used for the last 30 seconds of the promo. I hope the soundtrack gets released.
Are you talking about this guy?

Sunfire, do we know who he's talking to? I don't remember a face. Was it Saunders? Or himself? (He did look a little mental-breakdown worthy...)
I think the guy as shown in korkster's screengrab may be a recurring but unnamed active. I've seen someone similar in multiple episodes. If it is who I think it is, he's with Victor and the NSA dolls in "Echoes" and seen in the shower room by our core group in "Needs."
Things get fast, blurry, and confusing at the end there. Which suits me just fine for spoilery content. I don't wanna know who does what or gets hurt, just that things get scary and there's danger danger danger and Alpha's got a knife oh noes! I don't want to know who Alpha's talking to yet. It's just a wonderful wonderful line to hear out of context.
I have a theory that Victor is being imprinted with Claire. Hence the face slash and screamy bits. At least I hope so, because if Joss kills him I will be the most displeased person since.. well... the last time he did exactly that kind of thing.
Well, I took the careless cuts on Victor's face to mean he'll live (for now). If it were precise cuts, then I'd worry.

And a big "woot!" for huge, impending doom & shit hitting the fan! That's what makes the best television, in my mind. Dollhouse definitely doesn't wear "kid gloves".
Unknown Man was on DollLair2.jpg, if anybody remembers that thing.
I watched it with some friends and when answers the door, we all giggled sheepishly like the girlie coquettes we are. Sigh. Je l'aime.
On the other hand, I'm so upset about Victor. I had a seriousfully sweet dream about him and I can't deal if my dream-boyfriend gets killed off.
RIGHT! Can you see any face scars in the spoilery Epitaph 1 pic?
Huhu. Just because people are there in the Epitaph screen grabs, don't assume they are alright. There's a few things not known about that ep.

The arrival of Alpha shall be brutal fun.

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Korkster, are you sure that is Alpha? I thought it was at first, but after more inspection, it really doesn't look much like Alan Tudyk.
And I am totally confused about that bit when Adelle walks Caroline trough the Dollhouse at around 1:05. The first time I saw it I thought it was from "Echoes". The second time not so much. Is it a flashback from "Omega"? Or leftover footage from "Echoes" that was cut? Or have I just forgotten where it came from?

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