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April 30 2009

(SPOILER) Another promo for Dollhouse 1x11 'Briar Rose'. FOX has added Part 2 of Friday Night's Dollhouse 1x11 'Briar Rose'. Even though it looks the same if you look closely you can see a new scene in there.

The scene added. Contains Spoiler tag highlight to view

McPhee, I think you are right. Based on the color said active is wearing.
That promo was very different from the one I saw before.
The brief clip of Mellie sobbing was cut out.

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I do screencaps of the promos so I know what's new and old
I'm glad you explained it because I had no idea. Anyhoo, YAY! Dollhouse is tonight!!
You can read the Brothers Grim's fairy tale of "Briar Rose" here. Thanks to bix.
Or, you know, thanks to the Brothers Grimm.
Everyone thinks he's the prince charming...
Wikipedia has a decent overview of different tales with the similar Sleeping Beauty idea. "Sun, Moon, and Talia" is darker than "Briar Rose." There's also Brynhildr.

ETA: Full text of some tales of this type (Sleeping Beauty). A similar type (Snow White).

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Yeah, but I wouldn't have read it if it weren't for you & QuoterGal. She made the connection for me, and you gave me the story.

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