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April 30 2009

USA TODAY's 12th Annual Save Our Shows Survey results. Adam Baldwin's Chuck won with 54%. "But the most startling show of support came for ABC's Castle, which premiered last month to modest ratings: 39% want it back, fourth in the poll!". And in related news, Terminator: The Sarah Connor Chronicles wins E! Online's Save Our Show poll with Chuck and Dollhouse coming runners up.

Good news for both!
Castle doesn't seem to have much buzz about it. I know I hang around places where there's discussion and promotion of Dollhouse and other genre shows but nobody seems to get that much worked up about Nathan's new show.
I'm so accustomed to genre shows being on the bubble that I can't believe Castle is in danger. It's a procedural! Don't they have, like, infinite lifespans and potential for syndication? I do hope it sticks around, Nathan is fantastic on it.
I wondered why Dollhouse didn't get a mention but looking at their summary list they've got it listed under gone and can't be saved.
Further proof The USA TODAY is evil, helcat. ;)
I really really think we need to do a letter campaign to FOX - I'm so pissed about their "We broke the rules" promoting of "Glee" and their total neglect of "Dollhouse."

They are actually airing the pilot episode of "Glee" on May 19th, after the Idol finale, when the show doesn't air until this fall! How much does that suck?

They've been bragging about how they're "all new FOX" and practically promised "us" that they were going to give Joss & Co. a fair shake, but...the reality is anything but. Changing the premiere date, sticking it on Friday nights, NOT promoting it...

Sorry. Bit ranty, wasn't it? Terribly sorry.

jkalderash Might be that there's too many procedurals out there right now. Granted "Castle" isn't anything like your typical "cop show." I just love that Nathan & Stana have been on "Dancing With the Stars" twice, in the audience. Cool way to plug the show. (As an aside - have they killed Bob Saget's incredibly UNfunny "sitcom" yet? I'm still trying to figure out why they were boasting about him being "back on ABC.")
Never mind that they keep putting that darn Journey song in my head. Salt in the wound.
There are strong rumors from commenters on TV by the Numbers that NBC's choice is between Chuck and Medium. Since I love both shows my heart will get broken anyway if it's true, but some of the commenters say it's just a negotiating tactic over Medium. I would be really really happy if they both made it back next year. (Although if it were a choice between Medium and Life, it'd be hands-down Life for me!)
I didn't see the summary list or any mention of dollhouse.
@squishy, you didn't see the link to them either apparently.

Their list require flash for some badly designy reasons. An Dollhouse was on their 'gone or nearly dead' list.
Kings isn't on the NBC list at all. I know it's in all likelyhood toasty toast, but it does exist.

I was a little surprised to see Dollhouse on the toast list, instead of the bubble one.
So many polls/lists to keep track of!

Ausiello's changed his list to say Dollhouse is now a long shot as opposed to "could go either way".

Of course it's just a list so there's no explanation given as to the change of mind.

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So many polls/lists to keep track of!

Agreed. That's why we're going to have a moratorium on posting them here for the next few days. It's starting to get very samey.
IDK something doesn't feel right about this survey. If you look at the last shows listed there are many shows where the votes to drop it completely exceeded the votes to keep it. Are they saying Dollhouse actually did worse than them???
Yeah, I just saw the Ausiello downgrade, too. Bummer.

Meanwhile, Variety thinks CHUCK is likely to be renewed, and star Zachary Levi is quoted today as saying, "the chances are good."
I added jamesthegill's item to this entry.
Mysteryshadesman, I don't think that the scores on the poll have anything to do with the categories on the list. The poll scores are a measure of how people voted in the poll. The categorizations are the authors' estimates of actual survival chances.
Yay for Terminator!
Yeaah! Lets hope it works.
I'm hearing less Dollhouse love here, over the past few days. (... relative to Chuck, etc.). The last stage of grief: Acceptance.
I wouldn't worry. People will be discussing Dollhouse long after her contemporaries get forgotten. It's that sort of show. The issues it brings up are fascinating.
Grief? It's not dead yet!
I don't think it's acceptance, necessarily. Dollhouse by its very premise (and for some, execution) was never going to generate the sort of fanaticism Firefly, for example, did. IMHO: Those who are iffy on it, or down on it, certainly aren't going to whoop up and rally for it. Those who are very much into it know that its difficulties and complexities might, in a sense, make whooping and rallying a little awkward (or how they could be perceived that way).

Combine that with this past week having been the actual Chuck finale, so attention was concentrated, and I haven't been surprised by recent days at all.
There was a weird moment at the convention here at weekend, where somebody asked a question about Dollhouse and why it got cancelled, and Dichen had to sit there and go 'Well, it hasn't been cancelled.' I'm still hopeful it'll come back.
I would love Dollhouse to come back, I think Joss and co have found their feet. It's finally exciting me. Nothing else really on the telly is. TSCC became background music as I surfed, Chuck I iron clothes to, Doctor Who is more or less family fare and Torchwood is something to mock at. But Dollhouse makes me think. It's provocative. It's not safe. That's the trouble with a lot of genre shows these days. Apart from Battlestar Galactica, most of them are just souped up 80s shows. Manimal and the A-Team wearing 21st Century clothes. They don't challenge. I like to watch them but I won't bother to remember the episodes. Dollhouse on the other hand I will.
I'm happy to see that Terminator did so well in the E! online poll; it is the only show on the bubble that I can't live without. GO TERMINATOR! \o/
I'm seriously bummed Dollhouse isn't getting more love. If it doesn't get renewed I'm going to find each and every one of you that said you voted for something else and viciously glare at you! I'll do it too! Don't test me!
I'll be a little sad if it gets the ax but I like Dollhouse as a friend, Chuck is my love right now. So glare away. I can take it if Chuck gets renewed.

I could slag Dollhouse off by comparing it to Manimal, but let's just say that the "there can be only one" part of these polls is what caused me to vote (and post) the way I have. Even with it's myriad deficiencies Dollhouse has its moments and I am sure those will only increase if it finds its footing.

I also think it's unfair of me judge Dollhouse after only 10 episodes. It would be tantamount to trashing Chuck after admitting to only watching the strike-aborted first season.

I eagerly await the (hopefully) season finale.
jkalderash Ok, here's a theory. Do with it what you will:

"Glee" features a song by Journey in its promos.

Randy Jackson, who used to be with Journey, is now a judge on American Idol.

American Idol is HUGE to FOX.

"Glee" appears to be one of those "School misfits who will never amount to anything, even though they've got a lot of heart, until a down-on-his/her luck teacher decides to take them under his/her wing and MAKE something out of them" shows.

American Idol is a chance for talented singers to get the notice they need, and hopefully jump-start their careers. (Carrie Underwood, Kelly Clarkson, Jennifer Hudson...)

"Dollhouse" is...Joss Whedon's baby.
ShadowQuest wrote
"I just love that Nathan & Stana have been on "Dancing With the Stars" twice, in the audience. Cool way to plug the show. "

I love it too. ABC is still promoting Caste on it's other shows.

All ABC needs is to add a fantasy love scene on Desperate Housewives between the former Mrs. Adam Mayfair and her ex-husband (they could pay homage to the scene from Serenity: Better Days. ) Dr. Adam Mayfair never even took his shirt off on the show. Grrr Arrrgh!

And another Lost flashback with Kate and her hubby Kevin.

That should do it.
Speaking of Nathan's Lost appearance [in Season 3, I think?]...yeah, we could do with another. Spoiler-texted for those who haven't seen Season 4 and 5...

He never got to take his shirt off on Desperate Housewives ? Isn't that the role he was saying last season he bulked up for (and was Captain Hammer-ready as a result) ? That's too bad.

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