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September 12 2003

(SPOILER) Filmjerk has casting spoilers for Angel episodes 6 & 7.

Episode 7 will feature the first appearance of Wesley's father, Roger Wyndam-Pryce.

Yes!!! A Wesley plot line. And re-admittance to the Watchers' Council? Joss wasn't kidding when he said we'd see more Buffy mythos on Angel.

Really pleased about Wesley's father appearing on the show. Angel the show sure does carry on it's father/son motif.
HA! Or in Lorne's case, the man-like mother/son motif.
Very pleased with this and finally becoming excited about the new season. Previous casting/spoilers didn't do that for me.

Now, which actor in his 50s/60s would we like to see in this role?

How about Brian Cox or Michael Gambon, Pete Postlethwaite...
John Hurt would work for me. I may edit this with more suggestions.
Didn't Wesley's Dad use to lock him in a closet under the stairs? Should be an interesting reunion.
It sounds like a good episode.I thought Wesley wasnt going to have any storylines this season. I thought Alexis Denisof didnt want the father to show up, he thought itd be better if he was just refered to. Anyway its good hell show up, I cant wait for the confrontation.
I thought of John Hurt too, but he can be a little fey. Thought of Alan Rickman but they'd have to sedate him to stop him from hamming it up. Alan Rickman could play Lorne's uncle.

Terence Stamp?
Terence Stamp is a god, 'The Limey' is one of my favourite films but Smallville may have got him sewn up.

Jeremy Irons?
With the exception of Brian Cox, all the above suggestions are way too fey! We need a bullheaded jerk, some swaggering big mouth with a sneer a mile wide (So Angel can knock it off his face).

Lock Wesley in a closet, indeed! I ALREADY want to throw things at the screen!

Granted, the confrontation will be interesting, though. As long as Wesley takes the day...
OOOh, Christopher Plummer! Does he do TV?
Having slept on it, I decided it should an actor who can play a patrician, an upper class bastard capable of cold controlled rage, an expert manipulator.

Ladies and gentleman, I give you Ian Richardson. If you've ever seen him play Francis Urquhart in the tv mini-series "House of Cards" you'll see what I mean.
Simon, you and I are on the same track. I thought of Richardson (in his roll of Bill Hayden in Tinker Tailor Solder Spy) but couldnt think of his name and was too lazy to get up to check my video.

I don't think it should be "a swaggering big mouth". I think it should be someone who can subtly kick the chair from under you. Someone who hones in on your weaknesses and plays on that instintively.
I think they already covered the quiet, cold rage with Holtz, don't you? Now they need a bigger-than-life ass that will be immediately hated by all.

OR! How about the complete opposite? It would be interesting to see Wesley's role turn into a version of what his father used to be (for a while) at the same time, his father has become beaten down from all he's seen and is now a milquetoast.

How satisfying for Wes!

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