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April 30 2009

David Boreanaz - Go Sixers. Can I Say That? He blogs about the Flyer's final game in the 2009 NHL playoffs.

"I'm rooting for any team to beat Pittsburgh. It doesn't matter which one."

Grr argh. How can David Boreanaz be a Flyer's fan!? I've been a lifelong Penguins fan, and if the Flyers had beat the Pens, this would be my exact attitude. As a Penguins/Flyers fan it is impossible to not hate the other team.

This was a pretty boring series to watch though (I blame it on the Flyer's) and I hope the series against the Capitals is better.
I maintain that my favourite whedonesque articles are those that link to :)

The two best things in the world mixed together.

That being said, I was rooting for the Pens over the Flyers. I'm an Oilers fan first and foremost, so I don't care MUCH about the playoffs this year, as long as Vancouver and Calgary don't win (weeoo go Hawks). I think I'm cheering for Washington to beat Pittsburgh though... Ovie's just so much more likeable than Crosby.
if you click on other posts on the Source Link he has posted 4 others in the past week
Justin, David is from Philadelphia. We can't help but support our teams!

I admit I don't care much for hockey (or basketball). Go Phillies!
I feel David's pain, too. My Sharks get bounced in the first round despite the best record in the league. I want the Ducks to suffer, even if it is under the hands of Detroit.
I was at that game. It was so depressing, how do you lose when you're up 3-0?! It always makes me smile when I remember David is a Flyers fan, though. =)
I'm way more excited for the Pens/Caps series than I was for the Pens/Flyers series.

I was standing in a Best Buy during Game 6, and everyone including the workers were just standing in the middle of the store watching the game. LOL.
Life long Wings fan here. From the standpoint of a NHL fan, I love the Pens/Caps series. Three of the biggest young stars in the game is going to be entertaining to watch. I just hope tonight the Wings are beating up the Ducks enough by 9:00 so I don't have to switch back and forth between the game and dollhouse.
Go, Canucks, Go!

If the 'nucks don't make the finals, my choice for a match-up would be Detroit/Boston, for a little of that old-timey feel. I can almost remember hockey back in the six-team-league days, though I was five when expansion happened. I do remember Bobby Orr doing his thing in the late sixties/early seventies. Still a little bummed that the man did not have knees.

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