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May 01 2009

(SPOILER) Final look at Dollhouse's future through Buffy's lens. Last installment in a series of four articles that revisit Buffy entire run drawing comparisons to Dollhouse. *Heavy* spoiler for episode 11.

the characters in Dollhouse are far less unique than his previous characters. They have a stock feeling that will make them instantly understandable, still, to a new viewer. On the other hand, this has been changing with every episode, and characters such as Ms. DeWitt are becoming quite multi-dimensional.[...] If it continues to get better as rapidly as it currently is, itís going to face a Firefly future; a short-lived show with a fantastic reputation.

Very interesting-obviously a fan. I just hope Dollhouse is renewed.
I'm looking forward to going back and reading all the Spoiler tagged stuff, after this first season of Dollhouse ends.
(I refuse to believe there wont be a second season, unless its officially announced as canceled.) ;)
I know what you mean, Shey. When bix posted that Fran interview where he revealed what the attic was, I bookmarked it so I could come back later and read it. Then I did, about two weeks ago. And I was happy.
Yeah, about that. Didn't Fran actually spoil "Haunted" back then? As I remember he was talking about a friend that uploaded herself into the attic, so that she can come back to life? That was actually not made very clear in the episode, that Margaret was "stored" in the attic. Do we assume that the attic is twofold, a place for bodies (like Dom's) and a database for the personalities? Because I read Dom's continuing wish to put Echo in the attic as "We should put your body there", since Echo has no personality to speak of that could be stored there.

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I don't remember anyone equating the place where personalities are stored and the attic. I may be wrong, but I think theyr'e two very different places/phenomena.
I found the interview:

Will we hear about where these personalities, or ďpieces of real peopleĒ as you said, are coming from?
What I know and what I can say is that there is a place in the Dollhouse called the Attic that stores failed Dolls and personalities. Thereís like a whole warehouse where actual bodies are kept.

Bodies? Yikes.
Exactly. Itís like a library, so to speak. Where do we get them? I canít say. They are real people.

But you know, there is one episode where a friend of someone working in the Dollhouse downloads his or her personality intentionally for the sake of maybe using it later. So that just goes to show that people can come and download their personalities and clearly go on existing as functional human beings too.

In a way, it's seems like it's two different places. (I probably just mashed the Attic-answer and the "Haunted"-describing "download"-answer together.) On the other hand: "a place in the Dollhouse called the Attic that stores failed Dolls and personalities" suggests it's the same place for bodies and personalities.
Well, maybe that's where both of them go. Dominic's personality is stored there... but what did they do with the body? Adelle mentioned a box...

I envision a place sort of like Minority Report- a huge area with bodies stored, and then personalities stored in the same room, but separate from the bodies. That way it imprisons both the mind and the body.

ETA: Or, wiesengrund could go find the quote which makes my theory not mine at all. ;)
That was a great piece. I am going to back and read the previous ones. The writer definitely spoke to what a Whedon fan is. If you don't watch you just don't understand. And even some of my friends who enjoyed Angel and Firefly don't understand. I grew up with Buffy and matured with the show, I love Joss Whedon and what he does for fans.
I pretty much agree with this article. although I think that people can still get into a whedon show mid run.

Personally, I got into Buffy after watching the 4th season. even though I felt a little out of place for a few episodes, there were so many great 'new' character developments just from when I started watching to keep me interested, I don't know if I would have been able to get into the show the same way if I'd started watching from season 1, since this season lacked the depth that season 4 had, which is what hooked me.

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