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"She saved the world. A lot."
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May 01 2009

Happy Birthday to the lovely Julie Benz! Julie Benz turns 37 today!!

Happy Birthday Julie, 'Close your eyes' and make a wish :D
Happy Birthday, Julie!
Yay! Happy Birthday Julie!
She would have been a better Buffy and she can lisp to me any time, any place.
Happy Birthday Julie! :)
Happy birthday, Julie!
Hope you have a great Bday!!
Happy b'day!

(I was a junior in high school when she turned 0. I must not be a bad bad man, I must resist.)
Happy Birthday! You are great on Dexter!
I dedicate my May Pole to you. Happy Birthday, Julie Benz!
Woot. Happy birthday, Julie Benz! :D
Happy Birthday, Julie! ^_^

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