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May 01 2009

(SPOILER) Clip from tonight's episode of Dollhouse. Think that's good? Wait till you see the second clip. Very chilling indeed. But wait! There's a stunning third clip as well and a fourth one too. And last but not least, the final clip from 'Briar Rose'.

The second clip. He has that performance nailed cold. Holy frak.
Cheers. I decided to watch it before I added the link :).
Can I just say it again? Enver. Enver Enver Enver.

Season two, give him more screen time please.
Please please please let this show be renewed. Enver is the best actor I've seen in forever. Everyone in this show is really good, but he is so good it's kind of scary. Like in clip #2.

On preview: gossi and I sometimes share a brain. Not like in clip #2.
(finishing watching #2... and to think we've spend thousands of comments debating morality before this scene.)
You might want to check out the third clip that just went online :).

Recycled urine? I am so adding that to the quote generator once the show airs.
Link to the fourth clip added.
Oh god, he's just like me. Only I don't wave my arms around so much when I do that Earth Day rant. Or recycle my urine. Or actually grow food in my apartment, but I would if I could.

I guess this Tudyk fellow is pretty good at acting too. He seems a little familiar. Was he a Batman villain or something?
I cannot wait until nine tonight! The second clip is my favorite, its creepy-awesome.

Can you really drink recycled urine?
It depends on what he means by "recycled." You can essentially process it to remove the bad stuff. But I think it's called "water" at that point. And I think it requires being NASA in the real world.
Loving those Alan clips. Great stuff.
Sunfire: "I guess this Tudyk fellow is pretty good at acting too. He seems a little familiar. Was he a Batman villain or something?"

According to wikipedia, he played Beaver Smith in an eastern New Mexico summer stock theater production of "Billy the Kid."

That's probably where you know him from.
So good. So very very good. Is it 9 yet?
I LOVE ALAN!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
Holy Crap! I am soooooo stoked! Just, WOW.
Ok, seriously. Does anyone else think Alan's character is somewhat Topherish?
Also, Enver is an amazing actor, bloody briliant. The layers of this storyline and mind blowing. Someone who knows they were sent to the attic was brought back with those memories in another body. Fantastic.
Wow for clips 2 through 4.

I wish I hadn't been spoiled for... that "thing." You know the one. :/
Note to casting agents: Please put Enver Gjokaj in everything. Thank you.

Followup note to casting agents: Please put Alan Tudyk in everything you don't put Enver in. Thanks again.
You know, I'd give my entire months salary to see Enver and Alan in a Whedon-penned buddy cop movie. I'm just sayin'.
I'm with you gossi, I am lovin Enver!!
I second that gossi!
"They're carrots! Medicinal carrots!"

I can see me skipping the Echo bits for more Alan/Enver bits. Does that make me a bad person?
Wow. Simply spectacular. I can't wait. *salivates*
I can see me skipping the Echo bits for more Alan/Enver bits. Does that make me a bad person?

No it doesn't. I felt the same way. I got bored with the echo clip and moved on the others.
Wow. Seriously... wow.

You know who can act? Enver.
You know who else can act? Alan.


(Also, he literally built the Dollhouse? Are you kidding me? So many possibilities for who he is!)
I have to admit -- and this is no disrespect to Eliza -- I'm far, far more interested in the workings of the Dollhouse and the other characters than I am with Echo. Uhm, sorry. They need to give Echo something else to do, if you ask me, next season.
Umm... now there's a fifth clip.

"This is a bad place."

It's like they're showing the whole show in previews!
I'm with gossi. I wish I liked Echo's story more, I really do. I wanted to feel connected to her like I did Buffy, but I just can't. Not even Caroline's character is intriguing. I feel a big fat nothing.
Agree with others above that Echo is kinda the least interesting character now. And certainly the least interesting acting. Lovin' the Enver and Alan. And what is with stupid Ballard "Caroline needs to be saved". What about Mellie, you dumbass ?!?!?!
Yeah, I watched the second clip, but after seeing a bit of the first, I think I'm done for tonight. As Septimus said. I think they're leaking the whole show in clips tonight.

But what I saw of Alan was amazing. And Enver... my sweet God. He is... impossibly great. Seriously, how did he do that? His voice even sounded like Dominic's at points (in more than just intonation, I mean). He is so cool.
And what is with stupid Ballard "Caroline needs to be saved". What about Mellie, you dumbass ?!?!?!

Argeed! What the hell. Why doesn't he see Mellie as someone there against her will? I will give Echo's story some credit, I've heard that we will find out why she is so special this episode.
Man, I also now wish we didn't know what we know about things, if you know what I mean...
I heart my porn, love it.
i'm totally in the great minority in that I find Echo most intriguing because we know the least about her.
Just when I thought it couldn't get any better... there's a fifth clip? And it's also awesome? Wow!
Clip 2 - I think he thought he was in with Claire to some extent, but mistaken. He looks at her when he says "whiskey" and she says "he wants a drink", a seemingly clumsy mislead, where "Whiskey" could be another operative, but obviously not one Adelle or Topher are familiar with, or else it's code for something else. The drugs she gives him make him less rather than more cooperative. Claire is hiding something, it seems.
Is Alan reciting campaign mantras? That's subtly hilarious.

I'm a little disappointed Joss is cribbing from himself as openly as a traumatized girl "fixing" a book. Another clip, though, where I think Eliza disproves but will still fail to get credit from her critics. There's a *truly* sick irony in an imprint such as that.

Ballard and this... Stephen?... as partners. I think I see the purpose there, and it's brilliant.
As I've said many times before, Paul's so busy trying to save the world he doesn't realise what's right in front of him. That goes for many of the characters in the show.
Those clips are fabulous, especially 2-5. I just love Alan Tudyk in this, and, yes, Enver is fabulous, too. This is the kind of writing and acting I had hoped for from the first. I just hope it's enough to save the show.
I agree that "Whiskey" was not asking for a drink. I think it's probably the name of another active... though to what end?
Septimus, it's starting to seem to me that Claire is being made the nexus of the mentioned conspiracies, but I have no idea what they're about.

Clip 3- The Dollhouse might have a second, third, x-many purposes, one as a doomsday shelter. It's self-sufficient, and the extra failsafe is your body doesn't necessarily even need to survive.
Those clips are impossibly awesome.

Maybe Dom just wanted to expose a secret Adelle's been harboring?
double post

[ edited by dreamlogic on 2009-05-02 00:05 ]
Scary + funny + tragic = that Whedon and Espenson magic.
(The secret being that Claire is Whiskey, of course.)
I don't understand the lack of love for Echo.

To me, Echo is wonderful. It's the imprints that the Dollhouse gives that at times fall flat (but not always, especially when Echo makes them her own).

Why can't we remember "Spy" or "Haunted" where Echo really sold the imprint part (& Eliza really sold the Echo selling the imprint part)?

RE: clips. Unbelievable! I didn't know television could be SO GOOD! Seriously! Alan is fantastic (I didn't even feel Wash at all). Enver was amazing (how DID he hone-in on Dominic like that)! And Saunders is being naughty! Dominic definitely was not asking for "whiskey"! *eeeeee!*

I would ask why the hell they're giving out all of these clips *now*, but I heart them too much to care. Do ya think it had to do with watch dollhouse week?

Wonderful! OMG is it 9 yet???
It's not Echo's imprints that are's the Echo/Caroline story that I find uninteresting. Echo's growth and Caroline's memories just aren't very intriguing to me. I agree that a lot of her imprints are cool and interesting concepts.
This particular clip fell flat and I don't know if it was Eliza's delivery or the idea that it's supposed to further Echo's growth. Either way I was "meh" about it.
I just thought that Echo clip was overwritten (sorry Jane... I still love you!). I think it would have been more effective if Echo's little soliloquy was cut down by about two thirds.
wisengrund... yeah that is what I thought too.
I've always had a feeling that Claire was an Active (that was disproved on the episode NEEDS, but then in the end she was walking out with all the other DOLLS kinda doll like... NOW in clip 2.. It kinda looks like he calls the Doc 'Whiskey'... Whatcha think?
Jes how was it disproved? In "Echoes", Claire isn't present for the "humans are affected by the drug, while Dolls are immune" test ("luckily"). In "Needs", Claire didn't say or do anything that would make me suspect she was a doll, but she didn't do anything to disprove it either.
Yeah, I see what you're saying. My choice of words wasn't the best but in my opinion when she was in the meeting (towards the beg of the episode) I just thought of her as the main staff from there... until the end of said episode.
That might also explain Dr. Saunders' single-minded obsession with the Dolls, which was touched upon by spy-hunter Echo in episode 9.
True that. NOW it's starting to seem a little obvious.. So is it? TOO obvious? Ahk, thinking Whedon hurts my brain.
I love Alan. In an interesting side note, the reason I started watching Firefly in the first place was because I recognized him from A Knight's Tale. I was a little apprehensive at first when I heard he'd be on Dollhouse, but now all misgivings are gone. ;)

I think the reason the Echo clip didn't impress me as much (though I still felt it was really good) was that 1) we have four other really amazing clips to look at and 2) we don't know the exact context of that particular assignment. So I'll wait until 9:00 to pass judgment.

Thirteen more minutes...
No surprise on the talent being shown by the cast, really, Mr. Wheadon is so known for the stories and the funny. but, what I find even more remarkable are the actors he assembles and the performances they deliver.

Take Firefly. While I love me some Fillion / Tores / Tudyk / Glau / Mahr / Glass / Baldwin / Staite / Baccarin (and young-Simon, Carlos Jacott, Mark Shepppard, Christina Hendricks, Niska, mining-town sheriff, and, well, everybody on the screen), I've seldom seen a performance as layered, compelling, surprising or dare-I-say human from any of them since.

I likes me my smirking Nathan Fillion in Castle, but it's a romp - not Mal. Gina Davis carries her weight, always, but where's the layers? Go right through the list. One example of a Whedonverse-level performance since is Alan Tudyk's guest spot in CSI a few years back. Happy, and scared, and broken, and creepy and scary and not terribly surprising he got to show his chops since he was working mostly across from Petersen. I'm sure there's other stellar work I haven't seen yet. Same goes for all the shows. While Tony Head is a pretty good anything, Giles makes me weep pretty regularly.

So, no surprise, really about the actors or the performances on Dollhouse. Were I a TV-town agent, I'd crawl over broken glass to get my most talented talent a read with Mr. Whedon. If they were selected, they'd learn a ton, get hooked up with a hit-making mensch who takes care of his peeps, and possibly turn in the performances of their lives.

Resource # 3 for "Whedon remakes the industry" methinks. Any actor with a brain would take ownership vs. cash to play in a Whedon project. Heck, they'd have every reason to buy-in, taking an ownership share, getting paid on the back-end. Or just cash in on what they learned, every day, for the rest of their lives.

Meanwhile, "actors to follow" now includes the entire Dollhouse cast list.
I got bored with the echo clip and moved on the others.

luv4whedon | May 01, 23:00 CET

I seriously don't understand this, unless everyone agreeing with it, hadn't yet seen the entire ep. I thought it was heartbreaking and Eliza was beyond awesome, in this persona.

What BierceAmbrose said. Joss has an unmatched genius for picking actors, then elevating them to their utmost potential as they inhabit his complex characters.
No matter who directs ... and he can really pick the directing talent, as well .... The Master's hand is always in evidence. I actually posted something similar to this, on the Briar Rose thread.

However, I think Enver's dialog was dubbed by (actor who plays Dominic), in at least part of that sequence. Also a topic of discussion on the Briar Rose thread.
And what is with stupid Ballard "Caroline needs to be saved". What about Mellie, you dumbass ?!?!?!

baxter | May 01, 23:14 CET

Hello people .... he knows that "Mellie" has been imprinted with a personality that tried to kill him, and with another that unexpectedly switched on to warn him about it, then switched back to "Mellie". He doesn't have a complete understanding of how the actives are programmed, so naturally, he's going to fear that she could turn on him again.
He even said something along the lines of "I'm sorry, I can't risk it" when he opened her pod, in case anyone had forgotten.

Sheesh .... poor Ballard can't get a break.

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