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May 01 2009

(SPOILER)'s Ausiello has an exclusive interview with Alpha. There's discussion about his role and hints for next week's finale and the future of the character. And Zap2it reports that Fox are arranging a conference call with the actor for May 4th.

Might wanna rephrase this, since the description itself is a MAJOR spoiler.
Ok, major spoilers for those on the West Coast my friend.
Well that's certainly a disappointment.
Frak me!!!!! I'm on the west coast and I clicked! I fraking clicked. I should not have clicked.
West Coasters should go Whedonesque dark at 6 PM PST for their own safety.
That's really the big news? It's just an interview.
Why does the media love to jerk our chain? Why do we always fall for it? Why is the sky blue? Why?!

But there are some interesting tidbits in this even though it's not exactly blowing my mind. Like finding out that Alpha has "43 personalities" and that we'll finally learn why he's so obsessed with Echo. Minear next week! Yes!
Errrg. I thought it was going to be that the show had been picked up.
I don't know why, but before he got scary, I thought Alpha was funny and the interactions with Ballard were classic. Alan Tudyk really plays the part well. I knew all along that it was Alpha but until the last ten minutes of the episode I wanted to believe that the guy was harmless.

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