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May 01 2009

Limited edition Dollhouse DVD boxset announced for Comic Con. Dollverse has news on what the special features will be.

Oh this is freakin' SWEET!

Do we need to pre-order our copies beforehand, or will it just be a mad rush to grab one on preview night?
The scoop that was on Twitter a fair bit before they posted it, you mean. ;)
Who twittered about it? Never mind.

So 100,000 people go to Comic Con right? They should just make up 100,000. Everybody can buy just 1.
How many copies???
Late breaking news is that this will be also available on Blu-ray. Amounts may be very limited for both formats. As I learn more, I'll keep Dollverse, Watchdollhouse and twitter informed. Just a messenger here.
Maybe they can charge extra for the DVD and use the money to offset costs for another season.
I think the decision will be made in a couple weeks which is long before the DVD comes out.
Funky spy paper!
People could get some to raffle away at next year's Can't Stop the Serenity charity screenings.
I was on twitter. I had a character limit. "Funky spy paper" was as good as I could do at 5:30 on a Friday. :)
And yet I knew what it meant.
See, it's times like these I wish I was living in the US and going to Comic-Con.
Very very very nice! I'll try to get mine!
Me too, another line to wait in at Comic Con lol, but it sounds very worth it!
I have had to tell I would be buying my DVD set at Comic-Con rather than wait an eztra two weeks to send it to me. I am willing to brave the lines for the DVD set, and I am guessing they may limit how many sets one can buy.
Needless to say, I'll be queuin' in line at Comic-Con!
So...anyone want to buy one for me? I'll pay you back, I swear!

Nevermind, just saw the part about limiting how many sets people can buy. :(

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Very cool that they're doing this, it's fun, but it's also too bad for those who aren't able or willing to spend the cash to get to ComiCon and who have the diehard collector mentality. I'm guessing they won't be putting these on a ComiCon website for order, though some will undoubtably make it onto eBay for likely insane prices the day they're originally bought. Depends on how many copies they make, I guess.

They're just numbered and have a letter from Joss, from the sounds of it, so unless the packaging is extremely cool and/or it has different extras than the regular wide release of the DVD/Blu-Ray, this isn't a must-have for me. The letter will end up online for everyone to read and any extra extras will be on YouTube.
Wish I could go to ComicCon but having no one else interested in going pretty much rules that out forever more. :(
Yes, news like this always makes me wish I lived 2,000 miles farther West. However, I don't suffer as much as fans located outside the US - my IP address is approved for viewing.
Score, and I wasn't even planning on picking up the DVD set so soon either. I'll be picking it up now of course.
Going for the first time this year; now I know one of the first stops I'll be making!
Crossing fingers I can pick up more than one. Because yes, it would make a great auction item for next year's Can't Stop The Serenity showing in Toronto.
...And of course I can't go to Comic-Con this year. Frak.
Is there a price tag on this? My friend's going and I'd like her to pick me up one!
No price yet, Riker. More info will be coming in the next couple months.

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