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May 02 2009

Dr. Horrible now available on Xbox Live Marketplace! Available in SD or HD!

I was excited to see this when I logged on yesterday! Tempted to download the HD version even though I already have the disc. Heard it was coming out on blu-ray so I think I'll resist that urge!

Wish they'd add Dollhouse next!

Ahh, now that gave me the smile I've been missing! Ordering right away.

Thanks that ever lovable Firefly Flanatic, you're a doll! Oh, wait....
I hope it gets released on the Xbox Live service here in the UK. 400 points for the SD version isn't a bad price.
Psh. Xbox. Bah!

Who needs it when you can get all of the same stuff PLUS Dollhouse (in SD or HD) on the Playstation Network.

I've currently bought all the Dollhouse eps on there and they're really beautiful. No commercials. It's amazing. Can't wait for the blu-ray.
Psh. Xbox. Bah! Who needs it when you can get all of the same stuff...

Except, you know, Dr. Horrible, which you can get on Xbox. ;)
Just finished downloading The Guild on xbox (I hadn't been online with the xbox for months and months - since I tried playing the Halo 3 demo online when it first came out and realised that playing with strangers just is not for me!).

Must... buy... bigger... hard... drive. The HD episodes of The Guild are fairly big on the tiny tiny hard drive that came with my console.

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Can you download it onto a portable hard drive? I haven't tried doing that on XBL yet.
My Xbox is better than your Playstation. :P

Pleased to see this! Hope it comes to the UK XBox network. That's where I got into The Guild.
All of current Dollhouse + PS3 Video offering > Dr. Horrible + Xbox Live Video offering.

Sad but true fact. I own both consoles. The video offering on PS3 is a lot more robust/diverse, in general, with a large amount of "gems" that Xbox doesn't have. Sorry, but that parts true.
meh. not available for canadians.
I have both consoles too and love them both. Each have great things to offer. That said, I haven't noticed that the PS3 has a more robust/diverse offering. But, I haven't really looked lately since I have Netflix and I'm streaming a lot to my 360 and having blu-ray discs sent to watch on my PS3.

Anyway, The Guild is great! I hadn't watched it online so when it came to the 360 I checked it out and my whole family loves it!

And LOL Madhatter!!

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