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May 03 2009

Official Dr. Horrible Sing Along Blog Keychain. Just perfect for your keys to a shiny new Australia or your lab or for a Horrible or Serenity Screening prize. Any other suggestions?

I could really use one of those for the key to the cabinet in which I keep my freeze ray.
Nice. We need more Horrible swag... in fact, there should be a Mutant Enemy Store, with all the Whedonverse swag located in one, handy-dandy place. :)
These look similar to the Serenity keychains that Universal made available when the movie was coming out. But $5.00 is a bit too much for me.
I've had trouble with those kinds of keychains - the plastic comes apart and the picture falls out.
Shiny, but $5 for a plastic keychain is kind of...well, a lot. Especially with how much I drop my keys.

;) There's this listing the Amazon available stuff. And pennies go to support
Thanks, anony1. I wasn't aware of that. Should've asked you first, huh? :D

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