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May 03 2009

Vote for Captain Reynolds. Blockbuster has a poll up to vote for your Sci-Fi favorites. Even the Reavers made it into the favorite baddies category.

I love to see anyone/thing from Firefly in these kinds of polls, up against the big guns like Star Trek and Star Wars. There should be a "Favorite Ship" category though.
Mal's doing pretty well, actually. Right behind Kirk. I don't think the Reavers are going to be overtaking Vader, though.

Still, fun poll. :)
Okay, asking me to choose between Captain Picard and Captain Reynolds is just cruel.

The others are straightforward, but the favorite captain choice is nothing short of torture.
Nice to see our Cap'n doing so well. Wonderflonium is right; it's always nice to see our itty bitty Sereniverse go up against the big guns and still do well. :D
I had to go for the Reavers, even if Vader is better. They are just not known enough outside the verse.

All the more reason for more of Serenity!
Ooh, the Captain one was a very hard choice for me! I love Mal, Kirk, Adama & Picard! It ended up being a toss up for me between Mal & Adama and I went with Mal! Then I wished I had gone for Adama when I saw he was in last place!

I also went with the Reavers over Vader too support Firefly/Serenity.
Mal is doing very well, and I voted for the Reavers just in the hopes of fans who have never heard of them might think they are worth checking out. It is interesting to me that there are more Star Wars fans online than Star Trek fans, basically it is an interesting poll.
Wow, Mal is winning! With like 100 votes over Captain Kirk. :)
Reynolds, Mulder, Austin, Reavers and Trek I voted for.

I liked that poll, and I love the fact The Doctor is doing well.
My total vote was: Mal Reynolds, Doctor Who, Seven of Nine, Reavers, and Trek, because I do love all my old classics along with my Firefly.
I love you Mal but - it's Captain Kirk. The real one.
I voted for the Reavers, but trust me, not just out of faithfulness to Firefly.... they scare the living daylights out of me. I refuse to watch Serenity when I am alone in the house, that's how much they freak me out.

Also, I agree with the choosing between Cap'n tightpants and Jean-Luc being torture... but I still chose Mal. Gotta help out fellow Canadians.
Mal is winning... and I'm impressed, since it is a Star Trek-influenced poll. But why can't Leeloo get more love?
I actually had a hard time choosing between Star Wars or Star Trek. (That is if I forget Episodes I-III exsist...) Different, but both so dear to my heart.

Voted Mal, and not just because I'm a fan of Firefly. He honestly is my all time favorite spaceship captain. Sci Fi Hunk was a tough choice, but had to go with DT's Doctor Who. I voted Princess Leia because I was a little girl watching another girl (who was kind of little) kick ass and hold her own with the boys... all the boys, since she's basically the only female in the original trilogy. What's up with that?) Villan is tough because they always get defeated, and some in pretty lame ways. Darth Vader wussed out, Cavil did too... but yeah, Reavers are hella scary. They never give up. They never lie down.

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Mal is almost a thousand votes ahead now!

I almost voted Agent Smith, but ended up voting for the Reavers out of pure honesty. Because, honestly, they're the only villians in the list that ever made me almost crap my pants. The Reavers seriously creep me out.
Embers I voted exactly the same as you!
I voted for Mal, but Han Solo was a close second, so I was glad I could vote for him for favourite hunk. Although I've been a Star Wars fan since the first movie (original first movie - episode IV), and Darth Vader scared me, especially in The Empire Strikes Back, I voted for Reavers. Vader has killed many more people - mass genocide at least once - but the Reavers are scary on a more personal level.
My votes were Mal,Apollo,Princess Leia,Reavers and Star Wars.

I love Han Solo but Mal wins my vote.
I'm kinda surprised that Princess Leia isn't winning.
Ooo it was so hard between Darth Vader and Reavers but Firefly comes first.
Wow, what a difference a day makes. I've been ofline for a couple of days, and Mal ended up dead last.
I may get banned ;) but as much as I love Mal, my vote would have gone to Adama.
And Princess Leila over Caprica 6? The Star Wars fanatics must have had a slow week, except for voting. :)
My only unequivocal Yes! goes to #1 hottie pilot, Lee Adama.
It's awsome to see Serenity in this kind of company. Star Wars, Star Trek, gives me hope.

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