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May 03 2009

Why the Razorbacks? An Arkansas-ian reporter asks why a TV show would pick his town (or town's team) to focus on, and describes a brief encounter with Joss in which he asked that very question.

Short, but finally we have an answer to the question that was tearing apart the fandom: Why did Joss name the Sunnydale sports team the Razorbacks?

And wasn't there a pig running around the basement of the school in season 7?

The article also talks about Kins on NBC and says The bottom line:
The networks are again training viewers not to invest time with any new series. If they jerk the shows around the schedule and then pull them unceremoniously off the air, why should we bother watching?

So true.
Yes, so true, Anonymous1. That last line of the article was (for me anyway) the most meaningful one. I liked Joss' answer, that he was thinking far enough ahead that he wanted an "edible" mascot for Sunnydale High. Pretty funny.
FYI: It's actually Arkansan rather than Arkansas-ian. Take it from one. :)
And it's Our-Kansas, not Our-Can-Saw.
Makes me frightened for what that means about the selection of Tucson (my home town) for the Dollhouses' HQ in Friday's episode ;)
dang, have seen the whole 7 seasons about a dozen times and didn't, until the comment above, connect the pig in season seven as an, um, "obvious" call back to season one. Next thing you know, someone's gonna discover a shot of Eric Balfour running around the new Sunnydale High basement in season seven.

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