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"This must be what going mad feels like."
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May 03 2009

Dollhouse exposed - how to hack in and who runs it. Impressed by Alpha's mad hacking skillz in 'Briar Rose'? Well prepare to be massively disappointed.

Wolfram. Teehee. <3
Funny. There were other bits to what he was doing on the computer, too, though. But I don't think they would have made for an amusing outing.
This is brilliant nerdy fun.

(Long story short, WolframResearch - the creators of mathematica - are creating a knowledge search function called "Alpha." Clearly Joss & Co. were having a bit of fun with us.)
haha..i love a good easter egg.
Wolfram Alpha is here.
Also on the various screens in this scene are windows with text pertaining to DMV registration info. There's more changes to the HTML this video references, though, as he's also changing an href to read "infocenter/BySubject/pods/oxygen/CO2 // increase.../"
I always suspected Mathematica was a thing of evil.
I swear we ran into the Wolfram Alpha thing ages ago here during the timeframe of Dollhouse, but I'm having trouble finding it via Google search.
Wolfram and....Hart?
Is it just me or did this guy sound like Joss?
I thought it looked like html, but I wasn't nerdy enough to try to track down the website :)
I'm still impressed. He types so fast, does our Alpha.
So funny, I too noticed the HTML code on Alpha's screen. I didn't bother to try and find out where it was from because I assumed the production team had just typed it out. If it was an elaborate Easter egg that's really cool.
He did sound a bit like Joss…
That HTML stuff actually annoyed me a bit, usually TV series are a tiny bit more realistic (having someone enter commands like “disable all security systems” into a console window).
You scoffers are all going to feel foolish when it turns out that the Dollhouse is made of HTML. As are we.
I don't understand how people can even notice what's on the screen when Alan Tudyk is talking.
So if Wolfram is a mathematical entity, wonder if Hart might be literary?

Anyway, I can feel the crossovers coming now.
Wow, Dollhouse needs to get with the program, they could at least use CSS. ;)
At least it don't have some lame-ass "graphical interface". I'm looking at you, Jurassic Park....
The CSS is there, it's just inline. Which proves they're evil :)
I'll CSS inline if I'm in a hurry. I just go back to fix it later. Usually. I'm not evil, I swear.
Next you'll be telling me you don't use unobtrusive Javascript b!X. You've gone down in my estimation ;-)
Did you ever notice how good the show Veronica Mars was with tech stuff?
That was actually pretty cool. The html in the screen was annoying, but this makes it somewhat more funny, so thumbs up. And at least they did try to flash it less than many similar "hacking" instances. Also, Alan typed at pretty proper pace, and his fingers were never really shown, which is also a good thing, hide the fake, show the face.

Also, yep on Veronica Mars tech. It was done well enough that usually you just didn't notice it, as it really made sense. It never broke the immersion, like most shows do (including Dollhouse, though not too badly so).
Heh, that was great.

Also great: the chain of octagon shaped text blocks on the left side of the screen. That's some pretty happening UI.
HAHAHA i love it... i still think that Joss is somehow pulling the wool over out eyes and this is some elaborate online element to the show
I just wanted to say that this post is how I was introduced to WolframAlpha, and its been very useful to me. Thank you Whedonesque.

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