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May 03 2009

Eliza Dushku's Twitter revealed. Kevin Smith reveals Eliza Dushku's Twitter.

Smith still seems to not be sure. If you care whether you follow real celebrities on twitter (I don't as long as they are entertaining), she really hasn't been vouched for.
Yeah he announced her but then seemed unconvinced in the next tweet.
His latest Tweet says its her, so I've restored the link.
Wow...even celebrities can't trrust each other anymore...what is this world coming to?!
That was sarcasm, Blue skies. Right?
The linked tweet confused me because I live in Worcester, UK. Then remembered there's one over there too and got crushed. I was hoping Dushku was secretely hiding somewhere in my city.
Ha yes, sorry TamaraC I forgot that you can't tell online if someone is being sarcastic or not...Confusion with celebrities is not, I repeat NOT the first sign of the apocalypse
Is it the third? I heard it was the third sign.
aww look, and she's following Whedonesque.
I was gonna post this a few days ago but I couldn't tell for sure if it was legit. Cool to know it is. :)

Felicia Day should now be known as the official twitter converter!

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Can't wait to watch her followers go up. This also makes me wonder if Joss is lying about having a Twitter.
Oh no!! You're right b!x...the world is doomed!! What's next?! Only a short blonde girl can save us!!! I'm not the praying sort...but if you're out there...SAVE ME CARRIE BRADSHAW!!!
What does E.D. have to do with Joss suddenly lying about being on Twitter?
HAH! Carrie Bradshaw >_<
Joss is clearly @JoshWhedon on Twitter.

Note: I am joking.
There used to be this thing with a purple font for sarcasm. But then it wasn't funny, or sarcasm, just purple.
I wish one of those fake Joss accounts would at least do something entertaining. I followed one for awhile, hoping for irreverent antics, but no such luck.
And now @drhorrible just tweeted love to @nathanfillion. Madness, I tell you.
She got like 3500+ new followers in less than an hour.
Well I, for one, decided to follow her because her trip to Africa should be interesting (I loved all of StephenFry's recent travels).
Kevin Smith just loves exposing me to Eliza. First time I saw her was in Jay and Silent Bob Strike Back. It's fun to read their @replies to each other.
All those shout-outs she's giving to the people who followed after Kevin Smith confirmed her. Where's the love for us pre-Kevin Smith adopters, huh? HUH?!

More importantly -- far more importantly -- why haven't I yet opened the new package of Cheez-Its I just bought.
However, we could go ahead and use the purple font for things that are sarcastic but not funny. Like maybe they're just bitter.
Why don't we just use purple for everything, then?
Yeah, that would work really well!

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If the finale ratings go way up, do we send Mr. Smith a gift basket?
I so nailed this Friday night. She had 300+ followers, and now she's up to 6,050.

I am a Twitter Detective! Which is a Highly Pointless and Non-Remunerative Talent! Yessireebob.


[ edited by QuoterGal on 2009-05-04 01:44 ]
Bitterness without jokes. Without any real humor or good nature? Whoa, that's talk radio.
Unfortunately she tweets in nothing but grating and irritating slang. Very difficult to read... for this old timer at least.
I don't think I like her picture. It's shouting "MySpace" at me.
Unfortunately she tweets in nothing but grating and irritating slang.

I kinda like it. It's how she rolls. It reads like her voice to me. Cool stuff.
Okay I'm sure other people noticed Eliza accidentally posted something she didn't mean to on her Twitter, said information is now deleted. Oh Twitter - you show us how human the stars are! ;)
Well, what did she post? ;)
yeah, what did she post?
If people deleted stuff, we should probably respect that. And not enquire after it.
True, Simon. Sorry.

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