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May 03 2009

A Dollhouse/Ghost Whisperer pairing for next season on Fox? At least it's an original rumour.

From TV Week:

Some executives at Fox are intrigued by the idea of buying "Ghost" -- and possibly pairing it with a second season of Joss Whedon's "Dollhouse" -- but it seems unlikely a deal would be done.

That's an interesting rumour.
And original.
Although it mainly seems to be various bits of network/studio posturing on all sides of this. Suspect it was actually someone expressing the equivalent of "you know what would be good for us? if we had Ghost Whisperer" and that's about it.

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I think I'm still mesmerised by seeing "season two" and "Dollhouse" in a sentence together.
It is awfully shiny, isn't it Simon?

The complete opposite effect of seeing Dollhouse and that awful "c" word on the same page. (I got a literal jolt every time one of those damn articles was posted to W. This sort of thing is much preferred! ^_~)
I think I'm still mesmerised by seeing "season two" and "Dollhouse" in a sentence together.


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I think I'm still mesmerised by seeing "season two" and "Dollhouse" in a sentence together.

I know, right?
I read the title to mean crossover which got all kinds of crazy plotbunnies hopping in my head.
Fun fact: if they could reduce Dollhouse's cost and do this deal, it'd give them some more cost than Terminator/Dollhouse, but a lot more viewers. Since GW does much better. Have it as a lead-in for Dollhouse and they've finally got a Friday night, which they've never had before.

I doubt CBS would let that happen, though.
The fact that some executives are looking at what to put dollhouse with next season gives me happys!
How about a Fringe/Dollhouse pairing? Or a Bones/Dollhouse pairing? At least these shows are on the same network and anything would be better then Prison Break/Dollhouse and I think the other two shows could have audience cross over potential with Dollhouse. Though I'm not sure what the ratings are like for non Dollhouse Fox shows.

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Should Fox actually be able to get GW, the advertising with JLH and Eliza posing back to back, making eyes at the camera could be...

:: Stares vacantly into possible future reality, drooling ::

...Okay, I'm back.

< GEEK >Of course, a crossover would be nigh-impossible. Cosmologically, there's a total conflict between the two continuities. There are little or no "souls" in Dollhouse. There are bodies, which when alive can contain an imprint of a mind, but not the "fully-formed personalities with human appearance bound to life force but separable from bodies" thing. In the Kemetic tradition, where experience, life force and body are separate and only make an actual person when combined, it could work nicely, but that's not the way things are depicted in GW. Imagine Echo imprinted as DeWitt's deceased friend, trying to solve her murder, when suddenly visited by the ghost of the real woman. Or do the hard drives with the imprints become ghost traps after a fashion? If so, then what if you have the same imprint running in two dolls at the same time? And what of the synthetic imprints? Do they become real souls once they're in the bodies of dolls? Would that mean Topher is some kind of god?< /GEEK >
I think I'm still mesmerised by seeing "season two" and "Dollhouse" in a sentence together.

I'm still whatever-the-opposite-of-mesmerised-is by seeing "Dollhouse" and "Ghost Whisperer" in the same sentence. But hey, the season two part makes me go "yayayayayayayayayayayayayay!"
A Dollhouse/Ghost Whisperer pairing for next season on Fox?

That topic title was a 9.5 on my snortlaugh Whicter Scale (smart combo of Richter and Whedon). Then I got a little maudlin that Dollhouse would need a pairing like that to be successful. Dollhouse has LEGS, yo, Alan Tudyk in the house, beeyotch!!!
:: Kicks GW to the curb ::
Fringe/Dollhouse? I can totally see that.
They can pair it with Price Is Right for all I care, as long as they renew it. And do a crossover, I want to see Topher win a showcase showdown.
Tonya, Alan's episode delivered Dollhouse's lowest rating so far. He needs bigger legs.
He spent too much time on the arms, not enough on the legs?
Ghost Whisperer seems way to "CBS" for FOX, A network which prides itself on being shiny and sexy. GW, as the article says, would look better on ABC.

A bloody great rumour, though!
I blame Tahmoh. Not one shirtless or sexy scene.
Well, Gossi, to paraphrase Norma Desmond:

Alan's legs are huge ... it's the viewers that got smaller... er, something like that.
I sense a terribly inappropriate joke on the horizon due to the direction this thread has taken. XD
I doubt CBS would give up GW, it get's great Friday numbers.

Although I really hope the second season of Dollhouse part of the rumor is true.
Fringe and Dollhouse really do belong together. But for the love of God, no more Friday nights!!!
If they paired Fringe with Dollhouse, I might actually watch the former on occasion. I gave up after the second episode.

Bones/Dollhouse, now that would be a TV night of joy for me.
They can pair it with Price Is Right for all I care, as long as they renew it. And do a crossover, I want to see Topher win a showcase showdown.

I'd pay cash money to see that actor do a movie about rigging gameshows. That would be amazing.

So, anyway, I would like to see Bones paired up with Dollhouse too, that would be kind of cool. Eliza and David standing next to each other... God, that makes me miss Angel.
I love GW and Dollhouse---in fact, I watch GW at 8 and switch to Fox at 9 for Dollhouse.

But obviously this is a rumour--GW is a big hit for CBS and they're not going to let Fox grab it.
There is no way in hell that CBS would give up on "Ghost Whisperer". The show is too much of a success. Even with the economy, I don't think they wouldn't pay more for it.
I've always thought that Bones would be a better lead-in for Dollhouse than Fringe. However, I doubt Dollhouse would be able to survive on Thursdays. Maybe FOX should put the two shows together on Wednesdays, although I doubt they will since Bones is doing pretty well where it is now.
*sigh* Why are all Dollhouse threads so depressing?
Please don't make me watch 'Ghost Whisperer'. I have enough shows as it is to keep track of. I don't want to add another one, and to be quite frank, I'm not all that interested in GW. BUT, and am delighted at the prospect of a 2nd season of 'Dollhouse'. Yes, Yes, Yes, that's what I want to read, hear, and eventually watch :)

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