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May 03 2009

Which shows have been picked up? Ausiello from EW has been updating the list lately on what shows have been picked up by the Network. A lot of our own Whedonverse star shows have been mentioned.

I'm sorry if this has been posted I had a look through the archives and couldn't find anything
Dollhouse: Could go either way. Now hearing it's a long shot.

:( Sigh. Predictable, but not happy. I will continue to hold out hope.
Thanks for the list, but I wouldn't be too quick with the smiley face... Things aren't looking good for Dollhouse... :(
I really don't know if I can handle losing Dollhouse and Terminator. Happy about Chuck though.
If both Dollhouse and Terminator get canned, I'll strongly consider giving up on network tv. Losing both would be too much. Just looking at that list disgusts me, every new show I watch is not looking good.
Last I'd heard, 'Dollhouse' could go either way.

Now it has the same status as 'Terminator' ("long shot"), which I thought had been cancelled already.

Am completely sad but not shocked looking at that list. At least Chuck is mostly out of the woods.
I'm sticking with "could go either way". I don't care what this says.

Also, is it just me, or does reading that Pushing Daisies is canceled still sting? Like, a lot?

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There has been news around that Chuck has been offically picked up but we have to wait till tomorrow till it has been confirmed by NBC
The only network shows I currently watch are Dollhouse, The Office, and Lost--and Lost is the one of those three I could honestly live without. It's looking like I'm going to have to learn to make due without Dollhouse though...but I'm not giving up hope, I'm not.

(Cable, on the other hand, has Dexter, Mad Men, South Park, The Daily Show, and The Colbert Report. And I don't expect any of those to be cancelled. Cable is winning.)

I'm a bit sad about Sit Down Shut Up too--I haven't had a chance to watch it, and heard the reviews weren't great, but anything from the guy who made Arrested Development deserves a fair chance....
Well that's disheartening. :(

When are FOX's upfronts?
Can't believe till death is renewed.
When are FOX's upfronts?

Not until May 18.
Ahh thanks b!x.
Well, that's depressing.
argh, i thought this posting meant Dollhouse had been renewed. Way to get my hopes up only to have them cruelly dashed. sigh.
That line through "Could go either way"? A dagger through my heart, I tell you.

Ah well. I'm resolutely remaining insanely optimistic.

A new Firefly movie AND series, you say? Why, of course it's possible!

I'll just be waiting in my optimistic bubble world until May 18th, then. You're all welcome to visit.
On network tv, I only watch Chuck, 30 Rock, and Dollhouse (though I enjoy indulging in a Gossip Girl DVD marathon, as I enjoy the cheesy goodness but not enough to make it appt. tv), and Dollhouse is easily my must-see-tv series. Life sucks.
Who cares what Ausiello says? I am choosing not to worry or be angry til the ax officially drops.
I watch a whole lot like Dollhouse, Bones, How I Met Your Mother, House (I love how it's getting better and better now after a fallback last year), Dexter, Lost, Castle, Chuck, The Simpsons, Desperate Housewives, Sarah Connor, 90210, Supernatural, The Hills, So You Think You Can Dance U.S., Canada & Australia) & America's Best Dance Crew (I just recently heard that David Boreanaz is a fan of the show :D).

I also watch Heroes but now it's getting really boring I was really disappointed that it got picked up for a Season 4 why? It's not going to be any better!
I don't get the smiley face... Terminator is dead, and Dollhouse ain't looking great.
Sigh. Unfortunately, I figured with the ratings lower than ever, despite having Prison Break as a lead-in and all the other respites we'd been getting the past couple of weeks, that they would be the final nail in the coffin. Even Joss himself more or less said the ratings of these last three episodes would more or less determine the future of the show. And, well...I think we can determine what these ratings will mean.

It's too bad though. Even though I enjoy several other network series, Dollhouse is really the only one that I consider event television. Sigh. :(
This sucks. Just this time last year, it seemed like Dollhouse was going to be at least a mild hit. They were doing the reduced commercial thing, had it pegged for Mondays. Sigh.

Now we sit, knowing DH is probably doomed. It may be the last offering we ever get on TV from Whedon. I hope not, but this may be the last straw for his patience with the network system.

Please Joss if you read this message, PLEASE go the cable route next time. They will love your cultish audiences who buy lots of DVDs.
I only watch so much TV mainly because of time. I stay tuned to Lost (been in it since the beginning & it ends after next season), Friday Night Lights (which is way better than people realize), Burn Notice & Leverage. Do I want Dollhouse to get renewed? Absolutely. Do I rewatch it on the internet? Absolutely. Are the DVR & internet viewing numbers strong? Absolutely. Does it need to move off of Friday nights? Absolutely.

If it gets moved to the middle of the week, on say Tuesday or Thursday, then I think it does really well. I know the network, can't really say their name, has been impressed by the DVR & internet viewing numbers so I maintain hope until it is definitely canceled.

I hope if it does not work out that Joss jumps to either USA or TNT or maybe HBO or Showtime for another show.

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God, that annoys me.

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I actually don't understand why Dollhouse is a longshot and 'Til Death is officially picked up. Like, actually. Can someone who knows things about stuff explain it to me? Does 'Til Death actually have an audience? I've seen it, so I feel safe saying that, quality-wise, it just simply doesn't compare to... a lot of things. So... gah. I just don't get it. I'm sad.
Dollhouse, TSCC, Bones, Office and Lost here. Honestly wouldn't mind all that much if the latter two were not renewed. Dollhouse and Pushing Daisies were my absolute favorite network shows. Knowing PD is never coming back is absolutely crushing. I just hope the upcoming Tim Minear/Bryan Fuller project is going to be just as good.
the upcoming Tim Minear/Bryan Fuller project

Can you say that again?

The... what?!
the upcoming Tim Minear/Bryan Fuller project

Can you say that again?

The... what?!
XanMan, 'Til Death was cheap. Very, very cheap.
As much as I'd like to see Dollhouse picked up (the show is turning out much better than I'd hope based on the first few episodes), I can say that it would devastate me to see it canceled. Disappoint, sure. But I'll be honest: since the beginning, I've always considered it a longshot for renewal.

Now that Chuck looks safe, I'm mostly happy. The Office, Big Bang Theory, Bones, House. Heck, I'm even liking The Mentalist somewhat. I'd be very happy to see Castle renewed (Fillion is fantastic in it). I followed Terminator, but thought the second season was very draggy and often outright boring. Sorry guys.

Chuck makes me happy, though!

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Yay Chuck!
It was the Subway march lol!
I'm so annoyed about Dollhouse, is there any chance it could be picked up by another network?
Chance of Dollhouse moving to another network = zero.

Eliza Dushku is under a golden handcuffs deal with Fox, meaning for an expressed amount of time, she can only star in shows on their network.

If another network wanted Dollhouse they'd have to pay millions to buy out her contract: for a modestly performing show, it's very unlikely, borderline impossible.
Does anyone remember when she got that deal? I think it was a two-year contract starting Summer 2007, so it could very well be that it's up next month.
It bothers me to no end that 'Til Death continues to be on the air. That show took an alright premise and ran it into the ground in the first three episodes (which I watched) and yet somehow continues to air...
This doesn't do anything to me Ausiello is wrong so much of the time about cancellations.
If Fox cancels Dollhouse I will never watch them again. Seriously.
wiesengrund, it's my understanding Eliza's deal expires shortly. I think it's May, but I'd have to check. But before anybody gets happy, the show is way too expensive for Syfy and the like.

Also, there's no Tim Minear/Bryan Fuller project.
gossi, I swear I read somewhere that her deal expires in August.
Cheryl said:
"If Fox cancels Dollhouse I will never watch them again. Seriously."

Yeah, unless Joss creates another show for Fox, or Fox gives Summer Glau a production deal.
August may well be right, hee. I know it's some time this year.

Also - NBC upfronts, no sign of Chuck.
And *I* read that Eliza's deal ends in July. So between us, we've now covered all the months.

Not that it matters anyway- FOX would have an intellectual property clause in Joss's contract, making a move to another network fiscally impossible. (Since they'd not only have to cough up tens of millions for the sets, cast and crew, but then also toss in major licensing fees to FOX.)
Sorry, that's just not gonna happen.

But if Joss DOES end up creating another show for FOX, I'm seriously starting a fund to send him some S&M gear, as he has to be a masochist.
Castle might be gone, too? UGH. That drives me crazy. Castle, Bones, House, 30 Rock and Dollhouse are the only shows I have to watch every week no matter what.

(Although, we do watch Heroes with the co-creator of my boyfriend's comic over the phone each week just so we can laugh until we cry).

They'll renew any piece of garbage but the networks don't have any idea which shows are actually good.
Missb, Fox Studio would still produce the show. It would be made by Fox but sold to Sci-Fi/FX/Whoever.
When they say "Move from Fox" they mean the network, not the production Fox.

All the studios make shows for other networks. Not a problem.
The price might be...

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Ugh, after this last episode I really want to see a second season! It could be the next huge Joss hit given one more season. Even an abbreviated 13 ep season would be welcome.

Also, it still breaks my heart seeing Pushing Daisies cancelled. *sigh*. At least we'll get the last three episodes in a month. And at least we got 22 episodes in spite of the strike.
What is wrong with the TV viewing public? SOMEBODY GIVE ME A NEILSON BOX. Seriously. Wife swap? Bachelor? Gawd. So many good shows gone.
Don't make my heart flutter with fictional Tim Minear/Bryan Fuller projects. There's only one way in which they are allowed to be fictional.
Bryan's got something planned, but who knows how far it'll get.
Yeah, last I heard Bryan Fuller had an idea for a new Star Trek series, but from the way he described it I doubt it would work after people just seeing the new film. It sounds much too different.
They could make a new Star Trek series set entirely in the hospital at Starfleet HQ. Follow the doctors and nurses as they, oh I can't be bothered any more...

Douglas Adams in Hitchhikers Guide talked about the Shoe Event Horizon, the time when every shop on the High Street was a shoe shop. I think there will soon be a day when every TV show will be a medical show.
I never saw an episode of any Star Trek series and hardcore sci-fi doesn't appeal to me at all, so I'd be disappointed if he were to start a Star Trek series. That said, for him I'd watch (and probably like) it.
Man talk about mix signals. tvweek_joe twittered Medium has NOT been renewed but Ausiello says Medium has an order for 13-16 eps.
Fringe was picked up. Fringe/Dollhouse night would be awesome.

Fox is btw nicely messing with NBC's infronts, announcing Fringe's renewal at the same time and having that conference call with Alan. Kinda clever strategy.
Geez ... looking at that list I realized the the only network show I watch is Bones. I used to watch Dirty Sexy Money, but it's gone. I do watch a lot of cable shows, but didn't realize until now that I'm just not interested in any network show (except Bones which is my favorite).
This makes me sick. Enough said.

If Dollhouse gets canceled and with T:TSCC gone in all but the official announcement, the only other network shows I genuinely looked forward to, were Life and Dirty Sexy Money (Peter Krause may be the most underrated actor on the planet).

I'll still watch Fringe and Criminal Minds just to relax out at the end of the day .... and Castle is growing on me, but now it's in danger too? Blaahh.

Cable has the only shows I'm really excited about, returning: Leverage, Dexter, True Blood, Mad Men.
Parenthood????????? NBC is bringing back Parenthood as a series again? I think this may be a new low in TV, let's bring back a show that failed as a series almost 20 years ago, with a young Joss Whedon as one of the writers for the show back then. It made it to 8 episodes before being canceled in it's first season. What's next??? Hey maybe they will pick up Wonderfalls, Drive, or the Inside. Hey maybe Fiefly has a shot now. The NBC exec kept talking about shows that would be jumping networks.

Ok yes the line about the shows they could pick up is hopeful Sarcasm.
Could go either way. Now hearing it's a long shot. Prospects brightening.

Would this be post-worthy for the main page? It may be that this is just a reflection of several other articles to which we've already been linking, but he could know something new.
Ooo! News! Sort of? Whatevs, I'll take it.
Alright, I'm going to pretend that you're an admin and that that were permission now.
Worse case scenario, your thread gets deleted. I do think we need something to talk about, however small the nugget of information, so I'm spreading this on Twitter, anyway.

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