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May 03 2009

xkcd: The Race. The xkcd webcomic is doing a five-part daily series, and this time it involves Nathan Fillion.

is it true? Does Nathan Fillion have an electric skateboard/longboard? i'm not a regular reader of nathan's blogs.
Yes, there was something posted about it a week or so ago that got deleted since it wasn't exactly news. xkcd is news though - I'm excited to see where this goes.
Count me as also excited. xkcd is always great.
I read the comic and ran over here but it was already posted.
I didn't know Nathan owned a electric skateboard.
BTW,anyone else find it weird that Randall actually explained who Nathan Fillion is?
Okelay, I think part of the humour is that the character on the computer thinks it's possible that the skateboarder doesn't know who Nathan Fillion is, when obviously he does--and is so excited about it that he immediately wants to book a race.

This will be epic! On Friday we'll get the conclusion to two verse related stories! (Although, yes, I'm looking forward to Dollhouse a bit more :P)
I've asked Nathan on Twitter I accidentally said scooter instead of skateboard

Probably wont get an answer though
WilliamTheB, consider Firefly has been mentioned on xkcd many times now, I kinda doubt that's the case. I took it more as explaining to the audience who he is.
I just figure that if it's a five-part series, they want to make absolutely sure that the audience knows who Nathan Fillion is!
I don't see how xkcd's regularly mentioning Firefly invalidates my point. For one, xkcd is not the same as the characters within the comic strip. It's clear that both characters know who Nathan Fillion is and what Firefly is, but the girl doesn't know that the guy knows. The comedy in this strip is, at least to a degree, that she expects a mild reaction from the guy, but then he comes back with an insane overreaction.

Girl's attitude: "hey cool, it's Nathan Fillion. he's that guy from Firefly, my friend might think it's neat."
Guy's attitude: "Oh My God it's Nathan Fillion time to race!"

Anyway I think the primary reason is, as Ildeth said, the need to make sure everyone is on board (pun!) with what's going on in this 5-part adventure. But I maintain that the contrast between "Do you know who Nathan Fillion is?" and "Booking a plane ticket right now!" is humourous.
more analysis please
WilliamTheB, that's some serious literary analysis you've got there, an english teacher would be proud.

Every single time I see a Joss-related reference in xkcd, it makes me realize that Randall is just as big a fan as the rest of us. It almost wouldn't surprise me to see him on here some day.
For more background on what spawned this strip, see this entry on the XKCD Blag. (Check the last paragraph). Cool that he's decided to do a whole comic about it. :-) One of the earliest comics was just a stick figure drawing of the whole cast with the caption Serenity is coming out tomorrow. And there are a lot of random (awesome) references to Firefly and especially Summer Glau. I love XKCD.
Anyone see today's (Tuesday's) yet? Nathan is pretty awesome. "Use my space name!"
yup. And for sure Nathan hasn't let go of Mal. Mal is such a fun character. But what i'm waiting for is the actual race. Boo ya.
"Buckle! Swash!"


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