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May 03 2009

Dichen Lachman on twitter. Confirmed via her facebook page. :) (thanks One True b!x)

Aww you beat me to it by all of one minute. Now I'm guilty of a double-posted story.
Well, Eliza seems to be following her...

Also, it seems Marti Noxon's got one as well @mnoxon which takes the current Whedonverse total up to 15, I believe. I think I'll do a blog post listing them all.
Yeah I think it's her.

Now we've got 3 down, 5 more to go! :P
It's her, since she announced it on Facebook.
Eeeexcellent! I love when we find the Whedon-related folks on Twitter. It just helps feed my massive Twitter addiction that much further!
I've done a Whedonverse Twitter directory here. Please tell me if I've missed anyone, included anyone obviously fake, or screwed up the URLs - I'm tea deprived and sleepy.
Awesome idea, jamesthegill. That should be pretty helpful to any Whedonesque fans that become new Twitter users in the future.

I also like your referencing Clare Kramer has having played "Glory/Oh most naughty sweaty feelings causing one" haha. What a classic line.
I've added so many Whedonverse peeps this week. Good to have Dichen on Twitter, too!
Don't forget @Whedonesque. We've really taken off on Twitter. So much more so than LJ and MySpace.
Looks like Marti may have deleted her Twitter account.
Updated the post with Whedonesque, and removed Marti (who seems to have been scared off by the Whedonesquers).
That's too bad. Apparently Marti didn't know you could just lock down your profile?
Isn't this Marti Noxon? The account is also being followed by Eliza, so...

Did Marti just change the name, perhaps?
Marti appears to have changed the name and locked her updates to friends. Which, you know, understandable.
Yeah listen the whole "is that Marti on Twitter thing" is starting to flash warning signings in my head. So if we could drop that particular topic, it would be lovely.

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This is indeedy Dichen, by the way.
The Josh Whedon account that Julie Benz has added isn't actually Joss right? Cause, pretty sure Joss knows how to spell his own name.
I find it adorable that Clare's baby daughter has a Twitter. I love Clare for that!
Joss' only confirmed Twitter (and everyone said was his "first" Twitter) was on @drhorrible. Before that he said "I don't Twitter". And JoshWhedon existed then.
Thanks jamesthegill ,the list was check that I was following them all already! When it comes to twitter, aren't we a lucky fandom??? Or maybe I'm just so happy because Dichen answered to my tweets via direct messages :-D (I had to share this.. ;-)P)

ETA "s" to "tweet" and "direct message", since she answered twice, and now I'm SUPER happy!!! Oh how nice she is, Sierra is now my favourite doll :-DD

[ edited by JotheCat on 2009-05-04 19:29 ]
Whoa, she's on Facebook, too. As is Amy Acker.

So, can just anyone friend them on Facebook, or do you have to be someone that actually "knows them" knows them?

I was thinking of sending them a friend request, but didn't wanna come off as stalker-ish..

[ edited by QuanticoMVP on 2009-05-04 19:21 ]
Facebook's kind of a grey area IMO. Different people use it for different reasons. People like Jonathan Woodward & Mark Sheppard happily accept friend requests from fans, but the best way to tell is to look at their current friends (Amy, for example) and see what kind of people they have added. Amy mostly has people from Texas, not hundreds and hundreds of fans, so I would stay away.
Neither @joshwhedon nor @josswhedon is Joss Whedon. As stated, the first wrongly-spelled one has been around since long before his @drhorrible tweet, and the second only appeared after I called out the first about his name not being Josh.
From what I have heard, Joss is not and probably never will be on twitter.

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