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May 03 2009

Amber Benson Does the Macerena (With Common Rotation). As promised, Amber Benson's YouTube video/fulfillment of her bet with her fans that if she got 85 reviews on Amazon, etc for her book "Death's Daughter", she would Macarena.

She's a good egg for doing this. Also the video was a lot more professional than I thought it would.
That was mesmerizing.
... so much more than we could have hoped.
That was fantastic. I should have thought that maybe Common Rotation would pitch in, but I didn't.

So much fun.
Hilarious! Me like Amber.
Yay, Amber ! I'm happy she got the 85 reviews and she is so adorable. :D

I'll be in my bunk.

I'm going to have very interesting dreams now.
Ah.. the Macerena, those were days.
Wow. Didn't expect the outcome to be like this. Hahaha!
Ms. Benson does not skimp on the quality. I wonder if she'll ever do a whole album with the Commons.
That just made my Monday SO much better. She's such a good bean.
Tee hee - lovely. Well done Amber and Common Rotation. Fun :)
Awesome. I wasn't expecting her to actually sing. I thought she'd just play the song and do the dance. Nice show, Ms. B.

ETA: Be sure to rate the video.

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Not only did she keep her promise, Amber and CoRo totally redeemed that song. It's stuck in my head and I am in no way tempted to jump off of anything.

Jolly good show sirs and madam.
That was great! Very classy.
I was expecting them to continue clapping as one by one the band left the "scene," in reverse of how they got there, leaving just the drummer clapping by himself.

Ah well.

No "She's too skinny!" comments for a change. Nice.

If you haven't read the book - do it! It's a lot of fun, a nice, quick read, and it leaves you wanting more.

Joss sure has a knack for discovering pretty, talented people.
Seriously, this made my day, and confirmed that sometimes the internet is just........well, perfect.
As a spaniard, i just can still not believe Los del Rio got an international hit. It was like living in another dimension. We used to joke about things like this. "Do you imagine this and this could become an international hit?" we used to say, with sarcastic grins in our faces, after hearing some of those banal tunes that used to sound in bars, in the summer, by the beach. And then it became real... The day i saw the president of USA dancing to one of this little... Apocalypse Now. I mean, really... Twiligth Zone.
Pretty awesome indeed! The Common Rotation gave it such a professional touch, too!
Loved it. Of course it is now stuck in my head and I may take a power drill to my temple but Good times! Two thumbs up!
That was beyond charming. Thanks Amber! It was a pleasant surprise and actually made me kinda sorta like the Macarena again.
That was awesome. :D
Brilliant :)
Darn, silent version, but my DOMIT-fan-boy-fan-love for her just grows and grows....

YouTube is now blocked at work, and on the library 'puters I can never find the right jack for sound, but it was still fun to watch! Nice pair of jeans....

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