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May 03 2009

Poll: Which is the greatest Joss Whedon show? Sci-Fi asks that all important question.

Such a tough question. While Firefly is probably my favorite fandom, it wouldn't have even been made without Buffy. I also have to acquiesce to the idea of "age before beauty." Most babies are cute, but it doesn't mean they'll grow into super beautiful people. Buffy lasted longer and had more room for character growth.

I love Firefly and its first and only season is miles above Buffy's first season, but Buffy just had more time.
I agree, InevitableTraitor. I think that Firefly is pitch perfect. Really. I don't think I can find a flaw. However, there's not much there in which to look for flaws. Buffy, on the other hand, had plenty that wasn't perfect. However, there's seven years of "there" there, and given how few not-so-greats there were, I definitely give it to Buffy. If Firefly was around for seven years, there would have been things to complain about. I can all but guarantee that.
I agree with both of you.

Buffy is my favorite but I've always said that if Firefly had time to develop it would've been the greatest Whedon show. Hence, the greatest show period.
I feel guilty voting for Buffy, because as people have said, Firefly only had one season. Also, would have been nice to be able to show Dollhouse some love...

... but it's Buffy.
I'd say that Buffy is the best.

...but Dollhouse has the potential to surpass it.
Brain 'urts!
Its indeed Buffy, but Firefly is amazing. Not a flaw. And Objects in Space the best thing made for TV ever, there is even a celestial choir when I watch it (ok, only in my head, but still)
Since there's no way to compare Buffy, Firefly and Dollhouse for me, I've voted for Dollhouse, since it's the only show that can actually profit from positive buzz out there. Also, I've read far to many "Even Whedon-Fans hate Dollhouse!"-comments out there, and if polls like this one confirm such pointless rumors, it will only fuel the fire.
Personally I can't really decide.

I think, two years ago, I probably would have said "Buffy", but now I find it difficult to choose. Before Dollhouse premiered, I rewatched "Firefly" in my excitement for a new Joss Whedon-show and strangely this time I appreciated the show much more than when I watched it for the first time. But then again, I really really love Bufy. I started watching it when I was 10 and it is pretty much the only thing from that time of my life that I still love. Also, Buffy had such a large impact on who I eventually grew up to be. A huge impact on how I think and feel.

But I also really love Dollhouse. I find the concept and the characters, despite a few weaknesses in the early stages of the show, absolutely compelling.
I voted for Buffy. Firefly was brilliant but it just had 13 episodes. If you took the top 13 Buffy episodes they'd stomp all over Firefly's (excellent) episodes. Of course, that is partly because it just got more time. But I don't think it's solely that because I'd take some specific seasons of Buffy (in particular seasons 2, 3 and 6) over Firefly. To me, there was just something magical about Buffy that really resonated with me and even if Joss makes a show that is in every identifiable way better than Buffy (and maybe he did with Firefly) I'm not sure it could grab that place in my heart

Angel was also good but to me it only became great in its last two seasons. I remember thinking when Wesley had to cut off Lilah's head that it was the first time the show had ever moved me in addition to merely entertaining me.

Dollhouse has been more up and down than I'd like but its ups (especially 'MotS' and 'Spy') have been very bloody up and its downs not all that down. I think it has the potential to become Whedon's best show given a few seasons
I voted Buffy but I feel a little bad for Angel, only 12%?

I liked Buffy and Angel much more than 'Firefly' and already like 'Dollhouse' more than it too. I thought 'Firefly' was good but so far all of his other shows have worked better for me.
"I voted for Buffy. Firefly was brilliant but it just had 13 episodes. If you took the top 13 Buffy episodes they'd stomp all over Firefly's (excellent) episodes."

to be fair, you'd have to compare buffy's first 13, not buffy's best 13..
Why? We're just comparing which is a better show. Sure, it's unfair that Firefly never got another 6 seasons. But the poll isn't asking us to choose between Firefly, Dollhouse, Buffy season 1 and Angel season 1. If it were my vote would be for Firefly without question
Yeah -- FF was brilliant for what it was, and God knows it's my second fave Joss show, but it never had the time to develop into something transcendent, like BtVS. Plus, BtVS is pretty much my favorite tv show of all time, so the choice was easy for me. What surprised me is how close the vote is; BtVS is winning, but FF is a close second.
I would say Buffy hands down.
Buffy, because ive grew up with the show and it's always been my ultimate favourite TV Show.
I do enjoy Angel as much as Buffy, but Buffy was first, plus Buffy was the start of Angel.
Firefly is good, but theres just not enough of it to judge it as much as Buffy or Angel.
Dollhouse is brilliant, the plot to the show is amazing and each episode is more and more surprising.
Each show is different and i love them all in different ways.

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Firefly was far and away the best show on television, ever. A finely crafted masterpiece, the perfect balance between stellar dialogue, ripping action, and characters that you fell in love with. A story that gripped your heart, made all the more tragic for it's early demise.

I still get teary-eyed thinking about it's cancellation.
Buffy for me, it's my favorite show of all time.

On Firefly: I thought that the first couple episodes were pretty average, until Episode 8. Then I thought it grew to be a great show. If it had more seasons I might of picked it.
Wow that question hurt... It was like picking a favourite child, except not really, because we all know there's always a favourite child.
I voted for Buffy, however I could have just as easily voted Angel or Firefly.
Ack! Can't decide between Buffy and Angel. Buffy was the original Whedon brain-child, and Angel was darker and more adult(and allowed me to drool over David Boreanaz more ;D). Both made me laugh, cry, stare in shock, and want to stick my foot through the TV screen. They both made such an impact on me and had teh most amazing characters so yeah, can't decide. But I voted for Angel 'cause it's very behind atm: only 9.0%. :(
I love Firefly and Angel, but for me Buffy's what started it all and IMO is by far the best.

The reason I ignored Dollhouse is that I'm waiting for it to air over here (here being the UK) Trying not to get spoiled is proving to be very difficult.
It's Buffy for me too, probably with Angel coming in second.

I enjoyed Firefly quite a bit, but it's the movie more than the show that made me wish that the show had a few more seasons.
I love my 'Angel' with a fiery passion and don't understand people who merely call it 'Buffy- Noir'. (Buffy was plenty 'dark' itself at times, you know.) Sure 'Angel' had it's 'Supernatural Soap Opera' moments, but some of us really love that kind of thing.

Not only did 'Angel' bring us along for Angel's road to redemption, we also got quite was is possibly the single greatest character arc ever seen on television- Wesley Wyndham-Pryce.

Hence, count me in for the minority.
I voted for Firefly because I think had it been given the chance it would/could have been better than Buffy. Although Dollhouse is very interesting and I think it also has a lot of potential.
I voted for Dollhouse because without looking I knew it'd be last. If I had to choose between the four honestly, I wouldn't really know which one to go with just because they're all pretty different. I always kinda viewed Angel as the other side of the coin from Buffy, and whenever I re-watch, I tend to re-watch both. I also check out Firefly/Serenity whenever it's shown in HD again.
Can I vote for the Firefly that would have been, if Joss had had time to develop the show, as he did with Buffy?
"Firefly" narrowly ahead of "Buffy". "Angel" third, "Dollhouse" fourth. "Buffy" or "Firefly" probably just depends on my mood.

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If I had my druthers (and plenty of other people had theirs), we'd be finishing up the seventh season of Firefly right about now, and I'd more than likely be picking it.

Alas, TPTB decided 14 episodes was enough, and broke all the Browncoats' hearts. Rather cruelly, I might add.

Buffy it is, then. Being my favorite show (and I honestly believe, the best) of all-time, it moved me in a way I didn't know television could. I'd never experienced fandom, or obsession, until Buffy. My heart cracked during Buffy's speech in Prophecy Girl. It stopped during Innocence. And was irrevocably broken during Becoming. Everything that came after that was just gravy, and I wouldn't trade The Body or Once More, With Feeling for the world.

I adore Firefly and was quite literally devastated when it was canceled, but nothing in it touches any of those episodes I just mentioned. All my humble opinion, of course.

I also love Angel, and am currently loving Dollhouse, but I need more time. More please? Second season, I'm waiting for your announcement. Any day now... (he deludes himself, knowingly)
Got to go with "Buffy". For all the reasons others have already mentioned.
Out of the 4, Angel is my favorite show, but Dollhouse is my favorite cast.

Hmm, Dollhouse it is.
I went with Firefly over Buffy... barely.

Buffy got 7 seasons, and was able to achieve it's full potential.
Firefly only had 13 Episodes and a Pilot...
and was as powerful, passionate and entertaining as Buffy...
in less than one season.
Considering the fact that Buffy is awesome and it had a huge social/cult impact, I was forced to vote for it. But it was still a very tough call, because Firefly and Dollhouse are both excellent television.

Really, the poll was just depressing because it was a grim reminder that Joss' shows are often not allowed to grow up.
In this order for me : Angel, Buffy, Firefly, Dollhouse - but if we had more of the latter two shows I do think the order would change.
I loved Buffy, particularly Hush and OMWF, and Firefly made me want to live onboard Serenity with her crew, but I had to vote for Dollhouse which actually haunts my dreams.
Joss against Joss makes my head hurt. I love it all!
I love them all, and have been a Buffy fan since the first episode aired, but my favorite is Firefly.
No contest for me. Firefly just never clicked for me. I have owned the boxset since they sold them and have never once pulled it out to watch an episode.
But I watch a little bit of Buffy almost everyday. I'm a total Buffyholic. Action figures, books, magazines, everything I can get my hands on, I'm addicted.
Angel, easy.
Without question, BtVS.

Firefly is good/solid and all, but BtVS had far more episodes of pure greatness and time to develop. Firefly didn't get the chance to continue on to whatever it could have become so it very well may have gotten better, but it just as easily may have gone down some roads that people didn't care for. It's silly to give Firefly points for how great it could have been, because who knows what could have happened? The only thing there is to judge it what was actually made and BtVS easliy wins.

Angel I'd rank either before or after Firefly, I'm not sure. The thing about Angel is that it has a number of good/great characters and character arcs but there's also the horrible mishandling of some others and plot threads that genuinely--I'm sorry to say--suck. Angel really had its best overall season in year five but before then it was way too hit-or-miss.

Buffy wasn't perfect by any means, but the growth, development, top-notch talent, number of standout episodes and many other qualities just dwarf all the other shows completely.
#1 Buffy
#2 Dollhouse
#3 Firefly
#4 Angel

Buffy, is the best, purely because it was gven the time to be the best. I think that Firefly and dollhouse, would/will be better given a few more seasons.

Very close between Dollhouse and Firefly for 2nd.

Angel was entertaining, and at times brilliant, but didn't make the most of it's awesome premise. (I wish I could swap a few seasons of Angel for a few more seasons of firefly and Dollhouse)
It hurts me, seeing Angel so low. This was a really tough decision because Buffy and Angel are both among my favourite shows of all time. I ended up going with Buffy on the basis of cultural impact, but what I love about Angel is how inconsistent it was, in terms of tone and style, and how that inability to find itself so perfectly fit with the theme of going out into the world and finding one's place.

Not to mention Wesley, who is pretty much the greatest character of all time. You know I think I need to visit that poll again... :P
Wow, I'm actually surprised to see how strongly it's going for Buffy. It's tough because you can love them all for what they have that's different, and because, as so many have noted, Firefly never had the chance to reach it's full potential, and Dollhouse is just on the verge.

But I have to go with Buffy, for exactly the reason that Ifwewait so eloquently put: " moved me in a way I didn't know television could."
The Do That Girl: In this order for me : Angel, Buffy, Firefly, Dollhouse - but if we had more of the latter two shows I do think the order would change.

Same order, same caveat.
As other people have mentioned, if the later shows stand tall, it is because they stood on the shoulders of Buffy greatness.
I voted for Firefly, but Buffy is a very close second in my heart, with Angel closely behind Buffy. The last episode of Dollhouse was amazing and I hope we get more. Dollhouse is just starting to get great for me and I hope we get at least another season.
I definitely think Dollhouse has the potential to be Joss's greatest show - it has gripped me and taken over my mind since the first episode. Firefly I love and has a place in my heart as the first Whedon show I watched which then led me to the others, but Buffy took over my life for the three months that it took me to watch all the DVDs and no matter how many times I watch it, I see new things and still feel my heart breaking in certain episodes. I can say the same for Dollhouse, but I need more episodes for it to be on the same level. Please, Fox!!!
Firefly's first season is better than Buffy's. But seven seasons of Buffy is the most rich and amazing story-telling I've ever seen and 13 episodes, however lovely, can't possibly complete. The tragedy, of course, is that we didn't get to see what the whole Firefly story would have looked like had Joss been given time to unfold it.

My grades: Buffy = A = best TV show of all time. Angel = A- = my second favorite TV show ever. Dollhouse and Firefly = I (incomplete). And there's a special ring in hell for the Fox executives who cut off Firefly, which would also be available for any Fox executives who decide to cut off Dollhouse.
Firefly, Angel, Buffy, Dollhouse. I am a science fiction lover more than anything else, and Firefly blew me away.
Gotta be Buffy. I mean, how many other shows have college level courses about it, and people from around the world submitting papers dissecting every aspect and nuance?
This poll is flawed. It's like showing someone The Stand and The Shining, then chapter one of It and chapter one of 'Salem's Lot, and asking then to choose which is the best Stephen King novel.

One chapter, even if it's a very good chapter, is not a novel. And I don't think one season of a show that was designed to be 7 seasons is actually a series. So Buffy wins.
I had to go with Buffy because it is my favorite TV show. Out of everything, Joss or no Joss.

But I agree with everyone that if Firefly had been given a chance to grow, my opinion might be different. Alas, this is the world we live in. Perhaps in the world of no shrimp might Firefly had been allowed to grow. Yes, blame the shrimp.
Well Shep, missb and anyone else I missed in the crowd that went the underdog route, god bless you. Angel all the way.
1. Buffy

2. Angel

3. Dollhouse

4. Firefly

All four are superior to everything else in every way but Buffy changed my life.

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I'm a huge Buffy fan, but make mine Firefly. Because there are so few episodes, every one is a gem. Also, as I have become more familiar with American westerns (try watching Stagecoach and the original Firefly pilot back to back) I heart it even more. The film wrapped things up nicely, too. Buffy is Whedon's outstanding apprentice work, but Firefly is his masterpiece. Please realize its a much closer to a tie than this comment indicates. I still stop what I'm doing if Buffy is on the tube even though I have it on DVD.
I always think Buffy was like the sketchbook, full of raw promise and experimentation and passion and doodles of the guy with the cheese slices, and just throwing everything at the wall. Very much like Buffy herself it's a rush of possibility and talent and passion. Whereas Firefly is the masterwork, carefully crafted and more refined and mature and contemplative and perhaps challenging. Ironically, it's Firefly that's incomplete but that just means it's frozen in amber as a young, beautiful corpse.

So yeah, I think Firefly is better but I can see good arguments why Buffy is greater.

Also, that picture makes Joss look like a doll programmed with Angel's personality.
Because there are so few episodes, every one is a gem.

I love Firefly but I think that the scarcity/value calculation actually operates the other way around here. Because there are so few episodes, fans cherish every single one--regardless of their individual merits.

Buffy and Angel fans can afford to pick and choose. We can wave away episodes that would be the crowning glory of most TV shows as mere "filler" because we've got handfuls of truly breathtaking episodes to populate our "top ten" lists with. The fact is that Firefly, though wonderful, is very uneven. Sure, "Serenity," "Out of Gas," and "Objects in Space" are up there with the greatest of all Whedon shows. But "The Train Job"? "Shindig"? "The Message"? "Heart of Gold"? They all have great moments in them (hey, what Whedon-show episode doesn't?) and crucial bits and pieces of Firefly mythology--but they're not stellar episodes taken in the whole. Both the Train Job and Heart of Gold, for example, rely too heavily on genre cliches without really putting enough pressure on them. "The Message" just doesn't make sense as a plot when you stop to think for 2 seconds.

I'd say that Buffy S2 and S3 both have a higher strike-rate of hits to misses than Firefly S1 (incomplete) has. Firefly is certainly the best 1st half-season of any Whedon show, but that's not really what's at issue.
I shamelessly voted for Firefly. While Buffy was definitely the most successful and appealed to more people, Firefly was definitely the greatest - or so I think.
Ask me again in five years.
I voted for Buffy. It's what got me into this whole Joss thing and it was my first fandom. It's also one hell of a show. I've always considered Angel a part of Buffy, even if it is distinctly its own show, with its own style and feel. It features incredible episodes, some of my favorite television moments and my favorite character arc of all time, in Wesley.

Firefly is the show that hit it out of the park from episode one. The characters are as close to my heart as those from Buffy and Angel. Which is quite a feat after only half a season. So in the end, for me, it's pretty hard to distinguish between those three and I only voted for Buffy because it ran the longest and it was my first love.

Dollhouse, to me, clearly comes in fourth, because of the rocky start and because, while I find the show completely convincing and engaging, it's engaging my mind like almost nothing else on television, but it's not engaging my heart as much as those other shows. I've grown to really like all the characters, want the show to continue and it has probably become my favorite show on television right now, but I still don't love it as much as Whedon's other shows. Me, I want my mixing of genres, laughing one moment, crying the next, and getting my heart torn out because of what is happening to all these characters that I love.

In Dollhouse, there's no such character to pull me in, whereas I had many in those other shows. Sure, I care what happens to all of them, and I'd argue with anyone who says that the show fails to provide engaging characters. In fact, I care more for these characters - despite their lack of morals and their greyness, etcetera - than many of the clear-cut heroes on other shows, which is a testament to the writing chops of Joss and co. But when compared to Mal, or River, or Wash, or Xander, or Willow, or Giles, or Buffy... it's just no contest. I loved those characters, while I'm intrigued by Topher, Adelle, Boyd, Ballard, Mellie, Echo, Victor, Sierra, etcetera, but don't love them quite as much just yet. They're not as likeable - apart from maybe the Dolls (who didn't want to give Victor a firm cuddle when he was distressed that they were fighting on top of him), but with them we're not even sure they're complete persons to begin with - and that keeps the show at arm's length emotionally, when compared to the heights that Joss' other shows reached, emotionally, even if what happens sometimes does move me.

What keeps me coming back in Dollhouse's case, is the themes, the layers and the new ways of storytelling. That Ballard versus Boyd fight, where one doesn't know who the hell to root for, is something one wouldn't get in many other shows (with the possible exception of something like 'The Shield').

So while the last part of the season is probably equal to much of the best of the other Joss shows, I'm just not as in love with it. I really, really, like it, like I've really liked all the other memorable shows out there and am even a little bit more atatched to it than usual, because of this fandom. But in the end I'm naturally attracted to shows with found families, complex characters, complex storytelling, genre-mixing and briliant dialogue (which is why I'm also a big 'The West Wing' fan), and Dollhouse doesn't deliver on all of these personal preferences. Which is fair enough, but makes it less special to me.

So while I'd probably rate it as the lesser of the shows even without personal preferences, because Dollhouse has only been great since episode 6, those preferences firmly lock it in fourth place, despite it being very, very good. But who knows: maybe a second season and even more time to get used to these characters, would change that.

(heh, I love how more efficient Pointy's reply there was, when compared to mine which is much too long as per usual ;))
Buffy. But that doesn't mean that I don't love Angel and Firefly. I do!
What I love about Buffy and Angel is not just the dialog, but you have to see between the lines. Like when Spike pulls out the handcuff and ask Buffy "Do you trust me" and she says "never", but then when she is talking to Tara and trying to cover the bruises on her wrist you know the cuffs were used. And William and his poem in Buffy, ending up season 5 of Angel. Buffy and Angel just go together. I watched Angel first and was getting answers to questions I did not have, so had to buy Buffy to get the questions. I do think Buffy is the best show ever on TV and every time I watch it I find something I had not noticed before, but that said, I loved all of FF and Dollhouse has been excellent starting with ep 6, so want another season for Joss to hit his stride. After all season 1 of Buffy was not that great. James Marsters just kept me interested in Buffy the last 4 years and season 5 of Angel was the best because Spike was back, loved the Wes/Fred/Illyria story and I can really get to sobbing in that.
I like Firefly an awful lot but, as it did for Cheryl, Buffy changed my life.
Since BtVS is my favorite tv show of all time, the decision wasn't as difficult for me as it is for some. That being said, Firefly had a pretty perfect first season (it's just too bad it had to be it's only season). Angel was never in the running to surpass Buffy for me, although I loved the final season and enjoyed nearly every episode of the series. Although Dollhouse hasn't even finished it's season run (and may not be given another chance *sigh*) I think it has the potential to surpass Firefly in my heart. These last 5 episodes have been stellar on so many levels; the acting, the writing, the direction, even the music. If it's given the time to grow, I feel it could even give Buffy a run...


At its core, it is a classic, American literary masterpiece presented in the form of a tv show. With cool things like spaceships.
Buffy changed my life as well, of course. But it had to grow on me. For some reason I don't quite understand, Angel had to grow on me too. I didn't like Dollhouse right away either. But Firefly? Loved it from day one.
I love Firefly but couldn't possibly vote for it after one (short) season compared to the 100+ episode runs of Buffy and Angel. Out of those, its Angel all the way for me, both are amazing but Angel always stuck with me more.

Dollhouse is great but really doesn't compare on most levels with the other 3 yet. Unfortunately I don't think that will change even with another several seasons, but who knows.
I guess I can undestand folks going with abundace of joy that is BTVS, but Firefly changed the way I look at mulitple genres (SciF/Space Opera/Westerns). As an example, I had been a Trek fan for years, but after watching Firefly and BSG, I found Enterprise risible and could no longer watch it. My standard description of Firefly is: it's like Star Trek, but there are no aliens and the Federation are the bad guys (not entirely original but sums it up for me). This isn't meant to put down Trek (well Enterpirs, maybe), I like the original series, but Firefly shows the costs of the world Trek inhabits and they are pretty high.

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I voted for Angel. Firefly would've been the greatest had it had more seasons and Buffy was great, but not without major flaws. For me Angel was perfect from beginning to end.
For me, it has to be my favorite show, Angel. I love all of these shows, but no character (Angel) or cast has had more impact for me then Angel through out the entire series. Respect to everyone's choice and to the people who are with me in the minority.
Buffy, Angel, Firefly, Dollhouse

What can I say? I love vampires.
Whenever I think of one of his shows, that's my favorite.

Firefly: everything about this show is perfect. The characters are hilarious, lovable, and deep. The settings are interesting. The western and Chinese mix is terrific.

Angel: Wesley. Need I say more?

Buffy: Wow, Buffy. This was the original. I was watching this show on the WB in second grade. It will forever be my favorite television show. Season two still makes me cry manly tears.

Dollhouse: The show itself aside, I think DH will have a special place in my heart as the return of Joss to TV after I had realized what a genius he was (I admit, I took Buffy and Angel for granted while they were on the air; Firefly I only caught on DVD). The build-up to this show was insane. It was announced on my 18th birthday, and I spent the entire next day drawing "DOLLHOUSE" and "ECHO" (the only actual info we had on the show) in my US History textbook. As if it were a girl I had a crush on.

So it's hard for me to be objective here. But if I had to say... Buffy would be my favorite. Angel would be the best. That show reinvented itself like no other, and while not all reiterations were equally great, they were all wonderful to some degree, at least.
Buffy or Firefly?
Firefly or Buffy?
Buffy or Firefly?
Firefly or Buffy?
Buffy or Firefly?!
Firefly or Buffy?!?

Oww…my brain hurts…

I'm sorry, you were going to ask me to choose, right? Did you want to finish?
The "what is vs. what might have been" issue aside, it's still Buffy for me, hands down. It moved me in ways I may never fully understand, which I think is true for a lot of people (thus the huge popularity of academic studies of the show).

I love all of Joss's brain children, but Angel is my least favorite. Partly because Angel and Coedelia are my least favorite jossverse characters, and I'm not a fan of either DB or CC as actors. One perfect character (Welsey) and a handful of near perfect eps, does not a perfect series make.

Firefly is technical perfection, but it seldom grabbed me emotionally, until Serenity.

Dollhouse is a baby but I think given a chance, it could become #2 on my list. Once Joss unleashed the layers of jaw-dropping darkness and complexity that should have been much more in evidence from the first ep (thanks for nothing, Fox execs), I have been mesmerized.
I voted for Firefly, but purely on potential. I know, had it gone even one more season, it would have been my favouritest show everest. Even after only a few episodes, it's my equal favourite with Buffy.

Dollhouse, while I'm really enjoying it (the last episode just rocked, didn't it?!), I don't think it will ever be one of my favourites. It just misses that usual Whedon charm for me, and seems to be Joss's 'dark' at its best, without the 'light' to keep it all in balance - the thing that made me love all his previous shows to bits. That being said, I hope I'm proven wrong with the next season (which will happen. It has to!).
I grew up with Buffy and Angel, i mean literaly, i was the same age as buff and everything, and they will always be my special shows, but god i wish i had more Firefly!! I stayed away for sooo long because i knew there was only the few episodes, and when i finally succumbed (whole season in one weekend and the movie twice) now i have three empty spots to fill. If this was the best Joss has ever done though, i would vote Astonishing Xmen. Over all of them And if you knew me that is a HUGE HUGE call. So Firefly, buff, angel, Astonishing xmen.
I have to ask, cause i love reading these posts and thinking, oh weirdos like me, Yay. But has anyone ever had a Joss solidarity moment with a total stranger? When i went to buy my own box set of Firefly i bumped into this randon lady who went "oh my god that is the best show ive ever seen have you seen buffy..." and we ended up comparing the best of the verse in the middle of K-mart. Not to mention that i had to hunt in 8 different shops cause Firefly was sold out everywhere, go figure.
Me too, treenie. In Starbucks, wearing my "I am a leaf on the wind" tee shirt. It was mind blowing. ;)
Re: Strangers bonding over Whedonverse:
I was driving on the freeway and someone waved and cheered, it was a minute before I realized they were responding to my license plate cover "Wash is my Co-pilot".
oh my god we are everywhere! Shinny!
Firefly ahead by 12 votes. Much as I love it, see my earlier comment.
Is the voting closed? Because as of right now, Buffy and Firefly are in a total dead heat (40% each).
Firefly! Firefly! firefly!

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