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May 04 2009

Michelle Trachtenberg's new show Mercy picked up. "Mercy," a new medical drama with a unique point of view, portrays the lives of the staff at Mercy Hospital as seen through the eyes of nurses. Watch a featurette with Michelle in it. In related news, the decision to renew Chuck has been delayed till May 19th (according to's Ausiello).

Adam Bernstein (NBC's "30 Rock," "Rescue Me") is the director. Michelle plays Chloe Payne.

What does this mean for "Chuck"?

Glad Michelle got a pick-up, though. I guess Eliza's "Nurses" pilot was ahead of its time -- there are now two shows this year that will be medical-drama-from-nurse-POV, "Mercy" and "Hawthorne".
I hope this show works for Michelle's sake. NBC badly needs a breakout hit, too.
Are any of these shows loosely based on the UK Channel 4 drama No Angels? I can't seem to find out much about any of them (including the Eliza one), but the short blurbs I read instantly remind me of No Angels, and there does seem to be a bit of a trend lately for remaking successful British TV shows.
More medical dramas! Just what the TV landscape needs.
This sounds like NBC's replacement for the just departed stable of there network,"ER."
I got a timeout. If this posts twice, my apologies.

Officially, Chuck doesn't have to be announced till the Upfronts, which these were not. Josh Schwartz told Zac who told Kristin from E! (video here) that we might not know till then.

Apparently there's something where it's tied up with another show, some people are saying. Chuck is a WB show. And it might have something to do with licensing fees. I don't know. I do know the last season of Enterprise happened after Paramount renewed the licensing fee to UPN.

As for Nurses, the video stuttered so badly here that it was hard to see if it was any good. Didn't look so good (and I remember hearing about Eliza's pilot, after it was dead), but I'll watch it anyway, cause it's a hospital show (I've watched most every one since reruns of Dr Kildare as a very little kid) and cause Michelle is just pretty to look at. There's two?

Back to Chuck - it was all over Twitter all weekend, but the worst was Nikki Finke late (Saturday?) night, trumpeting a pickup that we would known about "on Monday." She listed no sources (not even "unnamed" ones) and then added "unless the network wants to mess with our heads" (or something close).
I know it's just web entertainment "journalism" but I'm quite irked, because
1. I don't like people getting my hopes up just for points.
2. If I posted unsourced things like that om my website (which is just so unofficial, you would think it doesn't matter) the other fans would have my head on a pike.
Maybe it's "just the web" (though I don't think so, anymore) and maybe it's whatever kind of journalism she's in, or the way the game is played nowadays, but I think it's not the way things should be done (am I just that naive?) and I'm annoyed.

Congrats to Michelle, though. I'm happy she got picked up. (I'm not hopeful she'll be held on to, but I will definitely watch.)

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Did anyone else recognize Jamie Lee Kirchner? She played Rayna Russell in Stage Fright, DH Ep 3.
NBC has two new medical dramas. One looks like ER with paramedics, the other one (Michelle's show) looks like Grey's Anatomy with nurses. Both don't intrigue me.

And that's what they cancelled LIFE for....
Did they officially cancel Life? I've been expecting them to because the ratings are simply abysmal but wasn't sure whether they made an official announcement or not. I really hoped it would do well because it's one of my favorite shows.
Apparently Life has not been cancelled yet, as they make final decisions on their bubble shows on May 19, but it sure isn't looking good, with Leno taking over the 10pm-slots and with so many new shows having been picked up.
As I said in the deleted thread Nikki Finke has got frankly more important things than the fate of one show right in the past and without saying the source .

I'd frankly more surprised now if NBC announced it's not picking it up .I remember this messing about though not announcing something for a week or two that they had already made a decision on a couple of years back .
As I also mentioned in the deleted thread, Zach Levi said he expected to hear today as well. I read that on somewhere, but don't have time to go back and find it right now.

Maybe that was Finke's source? Not to be a Finke apologist.
In related news, if Chuck gets renewed, his new intersect power should be to make Jay Leno funny.
drnotsobad, Zach did initially say he expected to hear today but if you check out Pamelajaye's link, he spoke to eonline on Saturday and said he'd just heard from Josh Schwartz that they wouldn't hear today after all, but to "stay positive".
Thanks, Rach.
I'm really excited that Michelle's pilot got picked up. I'm also really excited that Joel McHale's comedy pilot got picked up as well. I love him on The Soup on E! and have seen his comedy act live...he is a funny, funny man.

I am anxiously awaiting to hear the news about Chuck though. I honestly believe that's the single most important decision NBC has to make about next season. I think it will really destroy any shred of credibility they have left if they decide to cancel it.
Trauma looks fraking hilarious. More helicopter crashes than County General -- All it's lacking is Jack Bauer so far.

Nurses looks like light-hearted fun, but I don't see it being a breakout hit, at all. I don't even really see it getting past a first season. :/
Life was officially canceled today. Silverman said, "It won't be back."
THR is reporting that Medium has been renewed. Don't know what that means for Chuck.

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