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September 13 2003

(SPOILER) Virtual Spike Spinoff A spinoff set a few years in the future about Spike, contains a few Angel Season 5 spoilers

Ghost Spike, your earlier post of this same link was deleted, because it's regarded a self link. Please check our rules regarding posting. Linking to your own work and sites you are associated with is not allowed.
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Prolific with arms crossing
chest. Stares somberly.
I feel I have to leap to my own defence and make clear this is not a self link. On a buffy realted site it shouldnt be surprising when someone with "spike" in their username links to a spike related site considering he's one of the most popular characters on the show.
When I saw this giraffe thing a couple days ago, had I thought it worthwhile, I would have posted it here myself, but I try to be selective what I bring to this particular sandbox. Others who frequent here had similar opportunities. They also chose not to post this giraffe thing. It's no fair tooting one's own horn in here, GhostSpike. Your user page reveals this to be your 'home page.' And careful examination of said home page and the link in question reveals if the two were not orchestrated by the same hand, they were certainly done by individuals who learned html under similar pretenses. I'd narrow it down to three: James Ormiston, David Morgan or Nicholas Bowyer. I'm just guessing at the names of course. I would go so far as to predict the two banner graphics were most probably made by the same graphics program, in the same computer.

So if both websites were not made by "James Ormiston," then one of them may have been made by an offline friend, under Ormiston's watchful eyes. Nevertheless, these two sites are closely enough affiliated as to fall within the confines of Prolific's very simple rules for this website. It's Prolific's sandbox. The rules are understandable and valid. Prolific is not asking for anything out of the ordinary. Please cease being a disruptive annoying influence.

Oh, and Geocities went out of favor when popup ads were first introduced. Just a word to the wise.

[ edited by ZachsMind on 2003-09-14 17:55 ]
..............a giraffe......well, it's certainly......novel.
Woa, woa... disruptive influence might be putting it a bit harshly. :-)

It does look like you're involved with the site, Ghost Spike. If you say you aren't, ok - fine.
ZM: Is that a lightsaber in your pocket, or are you just happy to know the truth and defend its wiley ways?

I'm just saying, whoo hoo to the investigative powers!
Who the hell cares if it's a self link.

Who cares? Well, we've already established that: the site admins. Maybe it's funny, maybe it's even worth sharing, but the posting rules are pretty explicit. "This is not a place to advertise your homepage."

I mean, there's plenty of fan fiction that's worth reading, but this isn't necessarily the forum to share it.
Site AdminS? Nononono. Prolific's the site admin. I just got a big mouth. I don't make rules around here, but I happen to agree with them. I was agreeing with Prolific not cuz I'm kissing anyone's butt but I happen to agree that the link, if it were worth posting to the front page, would get posted by someone who didn't have a hand in making it.

So far as I know it's okay for people to post links to Buffy or Angel fan fiction, so long as it's not their own work. I mean, I couldn't post a link to my own fan fiction on the front page, but if I found a story I thought others would enjoy which was written by someone else, I could post that to the front page. I guess. If that's wrong I'm sure I'll be corrected.
There are four with admin or moderator status. Milov, Herb, Simon and myself. Milov builds cools stuff. Herb... Herb's invisible. Simon you see a lot of. I'm the nasty one.
Agreeing with unreality, this is really isn't the place for sharing fanfiction otherwise we would be swamped it.
Perhaps links to high quality efforts that appeal to a wide audience, or repositories of story collections that are better than your average. I generally try to avoid any website (no matter how well done) that's hosted by geocities, tripod, or their ilk. It's the popup snob in me. But if a buffy fanfiction oriented site is well done, I don't see why it deserves less attention than any other buffy fan site.

Admittedly, it'd be a hard 'sell' of sorts. In the FPP blurb, the poster would need to be convincing in why it's important to post a link to this particular Buffy Fan Fiction Site now, how it's relevant to buffy fans and why the poster has selected to cite this one above the rest of the maelstrom. Otherwise yes, there might be a surge of people questioning its relevance in the thread. Like now.

Then again, perhaps there's a reason why unconsciously I've never gotten around to posting a link to The Immortals. Besides the fact I personally disagree with the direction the author chooses to take Buffy, I must admit the effort is heartfelt, and there is talent here. It is objectively one of the most thorough and intense works of fan fiction available on the 'Net. Yet I've never gotten around to posting it, and I'm not sure if anyone else has either.
So the gist is that something Whedon-related can't be linked here if only one person cares about it, they have to be able to scrape up one net-savvy friend to come post the link for them?

Let's call a spade a spade - this policy probably wouldn't (and shouldn't) be enforced against XYZCorp posting a link to their press release about getting the exclusive contract to release the next Buffy game or Harry Knowles linking to an interview of Joss Whedon on AICN - that would deprive people of an on-topic entry about something they'd want to know about just because of who first brought it to everyone's attention.

The issue is, reasonably, that could turn into a giant fanfic linkfest and overwhelm the more general news-gist of this site. The rules should either include a ban on links to single fanfic stories (which I'm all for) or there should be a fanfic story category and a default "hide fanfic" option to the profile settings, similar to the 'hide spoilers' option. Else it's a "don't be a TOTAL loser" policy which is only the public face on an unwritten value judgement of the story quality.
The rules should nothing. If there's any further doubt as to what our rules are, please refer to our about page, or take this matter to e-mail.
I think we are all being a bit unfair on GhostSpike here. Who's to actually say that it's a self-link in the first place anyway, could it not be that he feels it's worth sharing? Anyway it's funny, so I can't really see a problem, loads of ppl may self-link on this site and get away with it. Is it really such an issue?

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