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May 04 2009

(SPOILER) Alan Tudyk explains the theology Of Alpha. has a great write-up of today's Dollhouse conference call. More coverage can be found at PioneerLocal, iFMagazine and Zap2it.

So cool. Anyone else painfully sad, obviously about the possibility of cancellation on a personal level, but also about the fact that cancellation means that so many people may never know the awesomeness that is Alpha? I sure am.

Also, I totally agree with Helberg making an awesome Alpha. Hee.
"Alpha is the next step in human evolution." Multiple personalities and can never die. Never really thought about it like that, but yeah.

(Have to say I've never been happier that I avoid spoilers more than when Alpha was revealed too.)
What spoilers are in this article? I was really annoyed that I found out (not reading spoilers intentionally) that Alan was Alpha. If I can avoid knowing anything about the finale, then I will. Including not watching the preview at the end of the last episode. Does this article have any spoilers about what is coming up?
It's got a few things in there. Not plot twists or big reveals, but he confirms that something people thought they saw they did see and gives some insight into what we'll learn about how he ticks in the next episode.
The only thing I learned was how many personalities Alpha is a blend of, and I thought it was surprisingly low.

The article also mentions what kind of spree Alpha & Echo will be going on this week, but that's hardly going to ruin the episode for you.
That was a great read. A little spoilery for me, but nothing I hadn't already figured out. And nothing that hasn't been discussed as a most likely possibility, in hundreds of comments about Briar Rose.
I still can't wrap my mind around the strong possibility that Dollhouse will be canceled. Doesn't mind-bending storytelling count for anything on network TV?
Never mind, rhetorical question.

Still hoping for a miracle. Bump Fringe back an hour and follow it with Dollhouse. Come on Fox, make a creative move, just another 13 eps with an already solid hit as a lead-in, to give Joss the chance to work the kind of magic that's so obviously at the dark, creepy heart of this show. It deserves so much more than one brief 13 ep season.
I think Alan has the number of personalities slightly wrong.
I was a part of this conference call, and hopefully my piece will be up later today.
That is awesome, UPC!. Can't wait for your piece.
Well, the number he keeps spouting strikes me more as a "big random number" than a specific one.
Here's my piece for Blogcritics Magazine, guys!
I knew it!!! I knew Kepler's personality was similar to Tophers! I can't wait for Friday!
Anyone else want to watch an entire series where Alpha and Echo really do take over the world?
I'd like to see that series.
I think that series would scare me pretty terribly.

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