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May 04 2009

(SPOILER) Juliet geeks out about her and Brian Lynch's Dru two parter. Chris Ryall posted on his blog an entire interview with Juliet from GEEK Magazine about the upcoming Dru arc in Angel #24 and 25.

Reactions to quick first skim-trhu:

1- Since when did Virginia Woolf write The Yellow Wallpaper?

2-I obscenity on sites you can't back-button out of.

3- Umm, vamp face *is* normal for a vampire, methinks. It's the human face that's a disguise.

4-She is absolutely "loverly."
Yes please. I love Dru. She should deffinitely be in HellA. They should resurect Darla too. (Ah Come on, one more time.) I loved the vamps. So much beauty, so much evil and never boring.
I can't wait to get these two issues. Love Dru and Juliet is lovely as always.
Every time something gets posted about these issues, I comment that I can't wait to read them. I'm not gonna do that this time. Even though, it's true..

Oh, by the way, to add to what DaddyCatALSO said, the movie Juliet wrote is called "It's raining Cats and Cats".. Nobody ever gets it right..

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