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May 04 2009

Microsoft orders a third season of 'The Guild'. The Hollywood Reporter has the scoop on Felicia Day's internet series.

Well, someone's show got picked up! ;)
It is almost enough to make me love microsoft.
Good for her. Kinda funny she has a deal with Microsoft considering she's always busy with her Apple Ipod :).
I must watch this show. I keep doing that thing where I have a free afternoon, so I decide to start watching. I get through the first 4 episodes, enjoy them, then have to go do something else.

Four months later, I have a free afternoon, so I decided to continue watching. I realize I have no idea what happened in those four episodes, so maybe I should start over before I try to go on. And so it goes, over and over.

I'll watch your show, Felicia, I promise.
Sweet! This means more Guild and more Legend of Neil this summer.
Let's not get carried away embers ;-)

But yay! for The Guild. I love that show.
Great news, I love the Guild and all the gang.
There was gonna be a third season of The Guild no matter what so yeah... they'll be filming this summer so there probably won't be any new episodes until latter. [}( <- That's suppose to be Cyclops (of the X-Men) frowning.
Hooray! With any luck we'll see the Guild deal with their big crisis.
By the way, Felicia is being interviewed by Kevin Pollak on Sunday. You can tweet questions live. Just a heads up, since I won't be around to post it that day. There's some interesting talk about the writer's strike, online video and Felicia's success in his interview with Paget Brewster a couple weeks back that's worth a listen. They're epic hourlong interviews, so I bet Felicia's will be great.
Yesss, awesome.
This is a very interesting general development though, companies who are not really into entertainment, not TV, not a network are pushing money into something which is not a TV series, but a Net series.
Probably the shape of things to come.
I thought this was confirmed by Felicia in an interview last week. My important question is, will I still be able to watch The Guild for free on Youtube or will I have to pay for it?
You'll be able to watch it for free on the MSN video website (I'm also assuming it will remain free on the 360), just like season two. I believe there was a slight time delay before Felicia put it on her website, but that's still MSN video at
The deal with Microsoft started this season (2), so yeah digupherbones you'll be able to watch it for free. Under this agreement Microsoft gets first distribution rights and they put it on Xbox Live, MSN, and Zune. Then after a short period of time (I think a month) all the rights go back to the Guild and they can post it on their site and Youtube if they want. I watched all of season 2 on Microsoft Media Center when they were released for free. This is a really good deal for webseries: not only does Microsoft foot the bill and give them access to a broader audience base, but they get to keep all the rights.
Producer Kim Evey has edited together a fantastic 3-minute recap of Season 1.

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