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May 04 2009

'Why We Are Here'- a fandom effort. Can't Stop The Serenity will be running a story every Friday about injustices against women.

This is a really awesome addition to the effort this time around. Kudos to Anne and CSTS Global.
Woah...that's some amazing work they're putting into this...and I'm glad they do...guess the rest is up to us to help spread it...
There is one near me this year - Bristol :) - nothing in London yet. Would be willing to go to both.
On behalf of Global, I just want to say thank you for your kind words. I have some awesome people on my team who help us fly higher each and every day. Without them, we wouldn't be able to keep pushing the envelope.

Thank you all for your support and help, in keeping the signal going.

- Anne
Oh I just realised that I'm gonna be in Boston and New York for their respective events...anyone know what the deal is with getting tickets when I'm there...I really wanna do both but alas credit card issues have me not ordering stuff online anymore...due to, you know, the lack thereof!!
You could always ask people in those cities to pick one up for you.
@b!X...I would only I don't know anyone there...coming from Ireland for the summer with some friends...but thanks!! And well done on setting up something so huge and important!!
I'd suggest signing up for the global CSTS forums and finding a good place to post asking if someone in those cities can help you out by snagging a ticket for you. (Believe me, you won't need to know anyone in those cities; someone will step up and make sure you get there.)
Hey BlueSkies! Email me at and I'll get you in touch with the organizers of both events so you can get hooked up. Or B!x's excellent suggestion works too. =)

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Oh awesome!! That's great thanks so much...never actually attended one before...amazingly psyched about it!!
This is a great thing! I hope we have a screening in Tampa again.
This is a great addition. It provides the focus of the charity, which is something we should be reminded about everyday.

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