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May 04 2009

Entertainment Weekly's 17 beloved TV moms. In honor of Mother's Day, Entertainment Weekly counts down their favorite TV mothers, and a familiar face makes the list.

So glad she made the cut. I still can't watch "The Body" without calling my mom as soon as the episode's over. It's just that intense an hour of television.

And I jut noticed your clever and amazing username. Love it :)

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Thanks :)

I always do the same thing with my mother!
Oh that's so sweet, they pictured the scene when Joyce was putting up the evil mask which tried to turn everyone into evil zombies!
[embers wipes away a tear in memory]
She was like the most amazing tv mom ever...dare i say even more hard-core than Sarah Connor...yes I dare to say it and indeed say it!!! Wait Sarah Connor wasn't on that list? I demand a recount!!

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Awww, good ol' Joyce. You just can't help but love her.
My mom died at about 9:30 pm on New Year's Day. By the time we did all the horrible things that needed to be done, it was near midnight, but of course I was too wired to sleep. I puttered, I LJ-ed, and then at about 2 am I finally pulled out The Body and watched it. I'm sure that will seem a weird choice to some, but I found it very comforting.
I'm sure that will seem a weird choice to some, but I found it very comforting

So sorry to hear of your mom's death. I hope it wasn't drawn out. Watching The Body afterwards doesn't seem weird at all, to me. When my parents died (separately, not together), I remember above all just wanting honesty from people. We're so dishonest about death so much of the time, and when people start trotting out the usual cliches and euphemisms after a loved one has died, you feel as if it is somehow cutting you off from the person whose life has just ended; wrapping them up in a series of evasions and prefabricated thoughts. Joss just gets everything about death right in The Body; it's just profoundly and shockingly honest. I don't know of any work of art in any medium that seems wiser or truer about the brute emotional facts of the death of a loved one, actually. I could well imagine that it would have a deep power to comfort you at such a moment.
I don't know of any work of art in any medium that seems wiser or truer about the brute emotional facts of the death of a loved one, actually.

I have never experienced such a loss myself, but I have to say that Six Feet Under (while constantly nodding towards "The Body" and walking an emotional path that at times seemed very influenced by it [it probably wasn't, Alan Ball still claims to have never seen an ep of Buffy or Angel]) did have some stellar moments that got the emotional resonance of death like nothing else I have ever seen. But that's also the advantage of doing a whole cable network series about death. "The Body" had 42 minutes.
I came to Buffy sort of sideways. I saw the movie when it first came out, and actually liked it. I avoided watching the TV series, because my husband is very anti-TV, so I watched only two shows back then (Star Trek, and The Wonder Years).

I decided on a couple of occasions when I was truly bored to watch some episodes of Buffy. I liked them, but they weren't enough to keep me coming back. Then Once More With Feeling aired, and out of curiosity I watched it (and was amazed at how great it was). Then I started watching more of Buffy, but I wasn't convinced it was as great as everybody was saying it was - until I saw "The Body." This was the episode that got me hooked on Buffy and all of Joss's other series. I still get teary when I think about it.
My brother died in November 2007 under circumstances similar to Joyce -- he wasn't alone, and he hadn't had surgery, but he was there one minute and gone the next, victim of a ruptured aneurysm. (My father had died ten months earlier after battling cancer for a year, and we were still trying to recover from that.) I remember sitting on the porch at my brother's house that afternoon and feeling like we were all trapped in an endless loop of "The Body". I still can't watch it without falling apart.

So glad Joyce made the list. She was an amazing character and beautifully played.
Awww. So happy to see Joyce made the list. She was only the best TV mom EVER!!! :)

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