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May 05 2009

xkcd: The Race - Part 2. Part 2 of the XKCD comic featuring Nathan Fillion and his electric skateboard.

Part 2 of the XKCD comic featuring Nathan Fillion and his electric skateboard.

"Captain Hammerpants".... tee hee. :)
Oh man, Nathan is actually in xkcd. That's even cooler than being in a Joss Whedon show.
Peanut butter. Chocolate. Captainy goodness.
The way this is going looks pretty funny, and Nathan really approaches that level of fanboy-ness, but I do wonder if the artist knows of Nathan's actual self-founded charity?
Hee. I can actually hear Nathan saying that dialogue. Also, love the hair! :)
I know we don't normally do this but I have no objection to the adventures of Nathan on xkcd being posted here each day.

Mostly because it's absolutely mad.
Sweet. Tip for new readers-- don't miss each day's alt text. Hover your mouse or right-click the image to read it.

Also I expect he'll post to the blag if he's getting responses about this and it's becoming a thing.
Huh. Note first comment here. ;)
Thanks Sunfire, I was wondering about the whole Captain Hammerpants comment. Much funnier now!
did anyone else read that in nathan fillions voice? i thought he was behind me for a second.
Yes, we can now confirm that the webcomics just wait for us to say wacky things and then write up strips based on them. Still waiting for those residuals on the use of the phrase 'pie spoilers' before committing to any further gumball purchases. As a reminder, correct capitalization and punctuation are incredibly awesome and we try to use them here.
I wonder if Nathan knows about these. I kinda wanna see an actual race now.
I want him to read this one aloud when he's on Craig Ferguson.
I definitely read that in Nathan Fillion's voice! How sad is it that this made my day? *Goes off to study*
Isn't it kind of offensive to have a comic series where Nathan is a deluded actor who still wishes he was the Captain?

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